How To Declutter Before Your Move

How To Declutter Before Your Move

How To Declutter Before Your Move

Making a move is a great impetus to declutter. After all, if you can get rid of some stuff, it is less you have to worry about moving. Taking time to declutter before organizing a move and packing can reduce stress immensely, making the entire moving process much easier. Whether you are a seasoned moving pro or a packing novice, put the decluttering tips listed below into action to help you as you approach your next move. Read on to learn more: 

What Does it Mean to Declutter?

Before delving deeper into decluttering, it’s important to note what decluttering means in the first place. It is removing items from your home that could be considered clutter by definition. You no longer need these items, find them useful, or like them. In many cases, conflict comes into the decluttering process when one person sees an item as clutter, and another sees it as necessary or useful. Thankfully, the points below will help you better categorize items and determine if they truly should be considered clutter and thus removed from your possession, either by throwing them away or donating them to a charity.

Questions to Ask and Answer to Help Define an Item

If you aren’t sure if you should consider any given item as clutter and get rid of it, answering the questions about each item is a great way to make this decision:

  • Will this item fit in your new space either physically or aesthetically?
  • Where in the new space will you place this item?
  • Have you used this item even once in the past year? If so, how often?
  • Do you own more than one of these items?
  • Does the item work as designed or intended, or is it broken?
  • Will moving the item cost you excessive money, or is it portable?
  • Is it worn out or in poor condition?
  • Does it fit? (In terms of clothing, accessories, and shoes)?
  • Is it currently stylish or trending?

Start Your Decluttering Before Your Packing

Give yourself adequate time to go through your items. Don’t wait until it’s time to pack up and move the next day. Instead, start about five weeks before your scheduled move to go through items, ideally one room at a time. Create piles or categories of items within a space. One category would be items you want to keep, and the other would be items that must be given away, trashed, or sold. Go through all the items in a room, and then remove the items that are going away.

You can either make one large donation to a local charity, sell your items online, plan a yard sale, or throw them away. When you narrow down items to a keep pile, you can begin grouping items that will be packed together or even perhaps start the packing process and go ahead and get these items (if they aren’t needed) packed away. Make sure to label all boxes well and not confuse your “get rid of” items with those you don’t want to keep.

Get It Gone!

Keep in mind that some charities will come to pick up items, especially if you are donating numerous items or big pieces of furniture. Don’t be afraid to throw away things. Old expired cosmetics, old handbooks, paperwork (after shredding), expired food items, broken items, and more should all be tossed. There is no reason to keep these items; doing so will only make it harder for you to declutter your space.

Declutter to Destress Your Move

At the end of the decluttering process, you should have fewer items to worry about moving. However, to get what you value as worthy of keeping your next space undamaged, consider hiring us as Lounderbank Moving Services, where we are committed to helping you facilitate a hassle-free move. We act as movers in Reading and provide moving services in Norristown, PA as well!



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