5 Tips For Packing Bar Cart Items

5 Tips For Packing Bar Cart Items


5 Tips For Packing Bar Cart Items

Your moving day should be easy for you, and making your bar cart items packed and ready to go may be a little challenging because they are fragile, and you may need some tips to help you make this moving step work out perfectly.

1. Benefits of Cardboard Carrier

Get a cardboard wine carrier for your wine and a bottle carrier for liquor bottles. 

You will need to get these items from a liquor store or a moving company, such as U-Haul. When you pack the wine and liquor bottles, use newspaper or moving cloths to fill the carrier boxes so that they do not move about within the boxes and possibly have damage or break.

2. Downsizing Open Bottles

Use or discard the liquor and wine that is open because it is not possible to move these. If there is about less than half the alcohol left, consider transferring it by reusing a smaller, plastic bottle. That way, you don’t have to pack a bigger, heavier glass bottle. 

3. Climate-Control Truck

Find out if your moving company has a climate-controlled moving truck, or if you would need to get one, find one so that you will have the right environment for your wine and liquor. You could, also, place these items within your car or other vehicle and have the right temperature. 

Do not use a trunk for this because the temperature changes too much and you would not know if these items would still taste normal after you have them in it. The right temperature would be 55 degrees Fahrenheit for wine and this is fine for liquor, too.

4. Importance of Labelling

Label the boxes for the bar cart items with the word “Fragile” so that the movers will use care with the boxes when they carry them and place them anywhere.

5. Research Laws of Moving Alcohol

Find out the laws about moving alcoholic beverages from the authorities with the Alcohol and Beverage Control in your state and the policy with any moving company that you use. You may need to move them yourself in your vehicle. There may be a limit on the amount of these items that you can move.

Contact the Experts

Be certain you have the time you need to get all of the glasses, bottles, and other bar cart items into the boxes with enough newspaper or moving cloths to protect them from any damage, since rushing this process would be a problem and even could cause these items to break. 

Get the best moving company to help you with this task. Let the King of Prussia movers, the experts at Louderback Moving Services, help you! Contact us today! 


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