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What To Expect From Our Moving Services

Located in Lehigh Valley, Louderback Moving Services is a moving company that puts a premium on client satisfaction. We take a consumer-oriented approach in the hopes of ridding our customers of some of the stress that invariably accompanies a move. Founded in 1997, we have extensive insight into our trade that few moving companies have.

At Louderback Moving Services, we promise competitive pricing and offer excellent value at affordable prices. Our competitive rates only further highlight our motto: hassle-free moving every step of the way.

Louderback Moving Services has proudly served Lehigh Valley residents for over 20 years. Our established status in Lehigh Valley makes us uniquely qualified to serve this area. Not only are we familiar with the Lehigh Valley region, but we’re intimately connected with the community as well. It’s for this reason why we’re a moving company that you can trust. We place our clients at the forefront of operations, ensuring that every task we carry out is in service of them.

Above all else, convenience is our top priority. We strive to be a moving company that other moving companies emulate. From timeliness to expediency, Louderback Moving Services aims to deliver prompt and satisfactory services. When you make us your go-to mover, you gain access to our comprehensive services. Some of which include packing, crating, unloading, transporting, and long-distance moving. To receive your free estimate, give us a call today.

Hassle-Free Moves in the Lehigh Valley

movers lehigh valley paLouderback Moving Services is proud of our reputation as the best moving company in the Lehigh Valley. Since 1997, we’ve been helping hundreds of families with all of their interstate moving and storage needs through a timely and efficient moving process. Whether your local or long distance relocation is bringing you into the area or taking you far away, we’re the area’s choice movers for all your needs.

As one of the fastest growing districts in Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley has one of the highest-performing economies in the US. Known for a rich architectural history, world-class exhibits and scenic amenities of the Appalachian Mountains, it’s no wonder so many of our customers are traveling cross country to settle in the Lehigh Valley.

Any residential move can be stressful, but it’s our job to minimize the work on your to-do list and put your mind at ease from day one. That starts with knowing we are Mayflower Transit’s choice agent for movers in Allentown and movers in Bethlehem. As one of the most recognized brands in interstate moving and storage, you can rely on the highest standards of quality, skill and service from all of our cross country movers, project managers, consultants and more.

Competitive Pricing

Hassle-Free Moving Every Step of the Way

As a Mayflower agent, we promise competitive pricing and excellent value, free estimates without obligation, licensed, background checked and insured movers, an unmatched dedication to customer service and much more. By working with Louderback Moving Services, you can experience the Mayflower difference with the best moving company in the Lehigh Valley.

Movers in Lehigh Valley

Every task and responsibility involved in the moving process, only get more complex with a long distance relocation. But this shouldn’t mean you feel more overwhelmed. Our long distance movers understand the unique skills and techniques involved in packing and transporting your belongings cross country. Our team is highly-trained in these methods, utilizing specialized packing materials and taking the safest routes to ensure that your belongings are safe. From high value items like antiques, artwork and furniture to all your everyday household items, you want the most experienced interstate moving company for all your unique needs.

With 500 agents all over the world, our long distance movers have got you covered wherever your move takes you. From the very first consultation, you’ll notice our commitment to you as we discuss a customized, cost-effective moving plan for your unique interstate moving and storage needs. We know moving is not one-size fits all, so your budget and timelines are our top priority. This attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond is what makes us one of the best moving companies for exceptional customer service.

Whether you’re headed cross country or cross town, make sure your belongings are in the hands of one of the best moving companies in Pennsylvania. From moving companies in Easton to Emmaus and all across the Lehigh Valley, there’s only one team of movers who can guarantee a successful and enjoyable moving experience no matter what challenges arise. Contact Louderback Moving Services today to learn more about our interstate moving company.

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Moving Services in Lehigh Valley, PA

Moving in the Lehigh Valley no longer has to be a headache. If you’re planning on moving in Allentown, Pennsylvania or in the Lehigh Valley in general, we can manage your requirements here at Louderback Moving Services. Our relocation services are appropriate for long distance and local efforts alike. If you need to take on a commercial move or a residential move in the Lehigh Valley, you can rely on us. Our Lehigh Valley local and long distance moving help is affordable, thorough and punctual.

People believe in our relocation services for many reasons. We make relocating in Allentown, Bethlehem and elsewhere quick and easy. When you need long distance moving help in Bethlehem, we’re on hand. We can make getting through your residential move feel simple. We can make getting through your commercial move feel just as hassle-free. Our movers are all capable, diligent, detail-oriented and courteous. We have movers who know how to keep your belongings in five-star condition. We have movers who have incredible packing abilities as well.

Are you waiting for affordable Allentown or Lehigh Valley relocation services? Drop our acclaimed Lehigh Valley moving business a line as soon as you can. We’re a Lehigh Valley moving company that consistently puts all of our customers first. If you want your moving project to be straightforward and efficient, we want to hear from you. Call for a free estimate.

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The Best Relocation Services near Lehigh Valley, PA

Moving and storage does not need to be difficult. If you are planning a move either to or from Lehigh Valley, PA, then we can help. Louderback Moving offers several relocation services designed to make your move affordable and efficient. Here is what you need to know about our moving services in Lehigh Valley, PA.

Rely on Us for Moving and Storage

We offer several moving services. Some of them include:

  • Interstate moving
  • Long-distance moving
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Several others

Using our long distance movers allow you to save money. This is because our long distance movers and interstate movers use a tractor trailer. We are one of the few interstate moving companies to use a tractor trailer. Our cross country movers and interstate movers will fill the truck with your possessions and complete your move in a single trip.

This saves you tons of gas money and cuts back on the length of time your move takes.

Our moving and storage services also gives you a safe place to store your items. We are one of the few moving companies to have storage facilities for you. Our movers can safely store your items there until you are ready to move.

Use Our Moving Services in Lehigh Valley, PA Today

Make moving easy with our movers from the best moving companies in the area. Our cross country movers and local movers can make moving stress-free. Give our interstate moving companies a call today for your moving estimate.

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Very friendly gentlemen, worked efficiently together and took very little time to unpack. Treated me and my new home with a great amount of respect.

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