6 Tips For Moving In The Winter

6 Tips For Moving In The Winter

6 Tips For Moving In The Winter

There are plenty of reasons to love the winter season, such as hot chocolate in the mornings and the beautiful snow. However, some things are a bit challenging to get used to when moving to the north. When you have to move in the wintertime, it can present a specific set of challenges. This is the reason why you should hire interstate movers in Easton, PA to get you on your way to your new home.

1. Hire Professionals To Help You Move

Hiring professional movers will save you precious time and energy during the moving process. Not only are you better off with a professional driving long distances in a van that’s full of boxes and other valuables, but you also have less chance of injuring yourself while driving in harsh conditions.

2. Pack Belongings Wisely

It’s important to make sure that all of your essential items are packed up before the actual day of the move. Winter days mean less time to get to your destination and finish the job. When storing fragile items, double-wrap them to prevent them from breaking. Also, don’t leave them inside the van when it gets cold. They can become more susceptible to damage when the temperature drops.

3. Prep Slippery Sidewalks

Whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood or not, make sure to shovel or salt the sidewalks, driveways, and other areas that will be used during the move. Also, make sure that everyone is appropriately dressed for the weather. Protect your floors from snow and water by covering them in waterproof tarps or putting down cheap rugs.

4. Be Prepared For Storms

You might not see a hurricane hitting New England, but it could still cause some problems. Plan ahead. Before moving, prepare for the unexpected. Winter storms can occur in different areas, and it’s best to prepare for them by planning ahead of time. Blankets, coats, and tarps are useful for minimizing the risk of illness if you get stuck inside during a snowstorm.

5. Check Utilities

Make sure all of the utilities are connected before you move in. This will help ensure that everything is running smoothly once the van comes to the new home. Also, make sure to check the area for any issues or needs that may hinder the moving process.

6. Stay Warm

When it comes to keeping warm in winter, layers are the key. However, if you’re planning on moving, make sure to layer up. Since doors will open all day, keep the central heating off and set it at a low temperature to avoid overloading the system. Also, make sure to heat any rooms that have small children or pets.

Moving in the winter doesn’t have to be impossible. When you hire the best moving company in Bucks County, you are sure to get through the process as smoothly as possible. Call today to set up an appointment with Louderback Moving Services. They have the tools, experience, and knowledge to get you through the moving process seamlessly!


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