Handling Children and Pets When the Moving Truck Arrives

Handling Children and Pets When the Moving Truck Arrives

Your kids will be full of energy on moving day while your pets will be at your feet. Giving directions while you chase your kids can interrupt the fluidity of your move. Asking someone to keep your kids and pets for a few hours is the simplest solution. However, this might not be an option for you.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce your stress while you are moving. These solutions are great for pets, toddlers, and young children. Moreover, you will have a few minutes to yourself while our movers are working.

Let Your Kids Decorate

Your kids want your attention, and you need to focus on several things at the same time. Let your kids help you move. Young children can decorate their moving boxes. Give your kids markers, crayons, and stickers. Tape a coloring page over the label. You can also give your kids picture books about moving.

Send Your Kids Outside

If you have an enclosed backyard, let your kids play outside. Your kids will love running around the yard with a new outdoor toy. You do not have to spend a fortune on new toys. You can find very affordable water toys at most grocery stores. Water balloons and bubbles are great options. You can also give your kids some new crafts to keep them entertained outside. Kids love sidewalk chalk and washable paint.

Keeping Your Pets Comfortable

Pets that are normally calm can be irritated when they are stressed. If your pets are nervous, put them in a separate room with food and water. Check on your pets periodically throughout the day. Your pets might be excited when they see our moving team. Make sure that you let us know that you have pets when we arrive with the moving truck. We will make sure that we close the doors while we are going back and forth with your belongings. Keep your pet’s favorite toys out of the boxes. Toys will keep your excited pets busy while we are loading the moving truck.

We want you to have a great relocation experience with our moving companies in Yardley, PA. Our team will always follow your instructions. Call our professional movers today. We will make sure that you have a convenient appointment.


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