How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Moving Day

dealing with pets while moving


dealing with pets while movingIn the crazy and hectic phase of moving, life gets turned upside down for everyone. But what about the family members with four legs? Not only is changing homes extremely stressful because they don’t quite understand what’s going on, but the whole process of packing, traveling, then unpacking can be stressful and confusing to them.

Keep your furry friends safe and healthy with these moving day tips and tricks.

1) Microchipping
If you haven’t already, invest in implanting a microchip locator just under your pet’s skin. It’s relatively painless and the peace of mind it can bring is priceless. If the unthinkable happens and your pet makes a mad dash out the door, it makes locating them much easier than with conventional tags. Keep the tags though – extra caution is always a good idea.

2) Lockup
With movers in Easton, PA hauling boxes and furniture in and out, it’s best to keep pets shut up in one room that’s already been cleared along with food and water and any essentials, like toys. A favorite toy can help ease some of the anxiety. Also, put the carrier in the room so your pet can get used to it.

Once everything is packed away in the moving van, it’s time to move your pet into the carrier. Make sure as many doors are closed as possible since scared pets are escape artists. If they manage to squeeze past the door, you won’t have to go chasing them through an entire home, or worse, out the door.

With any luck, they’re already comfortable in the carrier, especially if you’ve nested comfy blankets inside. If not, do whatever you can to calm them. Above all, be patient.

3) Traveling
Some pets travel well, others don’t. if you’re one of the lucky pet owners whose companion loves traveling, good for you. Have fun on your drive. Everyone else who has to deal with pet anxiety, hang in there. This is the hardest part for many.

Mild anxiety is manageable with endurance and possibly essential oils, lavender being the recommended oil. This isn’t proven but some people report that it works. At worst, it won’t work on your pet, but it will help you feel calmer. Be sure to use non-toxic oils around pets. Put a few drops on blankets or a touch on the collar. For worse cases of anxiety, talk to your vet.

4) Arrival
Give your pet time to adjust to their new home. Start with one room where they can find everything they need. Gradually introduce them to new rooms as they feel comfortable. After a few days, they’ll be ready to venture outdoors.

Moving with a pet is tough, but with planning and patience, both of you will make it through and settle into your new home in no time.


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