How to Protect Your Floors During The Moving Process

How to Protect Your Floors During The Moving Process

How to Protect Your Floors During The Moving Process

Major moves involve a flurry of activity that can be hard on flooring. While you’ve got a lot on your mind, the one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is damage to the floors. Using these strategies during your move can protect the floors and help you get everything in and out of the building in an efficient manner.

Put a Doormat at the Entrance to Your Home

A doormat is your first line of defense against mud, dirt, and rocks that can wind up on the floor. While you might have cleared everything else off the front porch, the doormat should be the last thing to go. Keep in mind that you may also need to keep one by the garage door or any side entrances that the movers might also use for larger items.

Wear Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are another great way to keep debris from winding up on the floor. They can also serve as a protective layer that stops rocks from getting stuck in the tread of work boots that could scratch up softer flooring. Professional movers often bring their own shoe covers, but you can also keep a supply on hand for anyone else in your group who needs some.

Place Protective Paper or Plastic On Walking Paths

Moving services in Lehigh Valley include assistance with prepping homes and furniture to prevent damage during a move. When you reach out for services, just let the movers know that you have concerns about the floor. They may recommend putting down plastic on walking paths to prevent water damage when the move is expected to occur on a rainy day. Paper is another eco-friendly option that you can use when moisture isn’t a concern.

Make Sure to Lift Furniture Rather Than Push It

Many floors get damaged during DIY moves when a person realizes that the furniture is heavier than they can lift. While team lifting is always a must, you might still find it hard to carry awkwardly shaped furniture through narrow doorways. Moving companies in Norristown, PA have crews that are capable of taking the heavy work off your hands, so that you don’t have to worry about grinding furniture track makes into the floor.

Put Bumpers On the Edges of Furniture

Adding foam or cloth padding on the edges of furniture prevents it from getting damaged if it comes in contact with the walls and floors. The additional padding also protects the floor in the same way. Since furniture is sometimes held at odd angles during a move, you’ll want to make sure to add padding to even the edges that might not have obvious contact with the floor.

Make a Plan With Professional Movers to Prevent Damage

One of the best ways to avoid damaging your floor is to have a plan that outlines who will be moving items in and out of the home, along with which pieces of furniture are to be prepped to prevent damage. Is protecting the floors a priority for your move? If so, then give our team a call today to start creating your moving plan.


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