Keep Your Pets Comfortable During A Long Distance Move

Keep Your Pets Comfortable During A Long Distance Move

Keep Your Pets Comfortable During A Long Distance Move

If you find moving stressful, imagine how it must be for your pets!

A long-distance move is an overwhelming project, and for pet owners, it can be extra nerve-wracking. It’s hard to know how your pets will react to airports or highways, to crowds, or to a completely new home that they don’t recognize. Here are some tips for keeping your pets comfortable during a long-distance move.

Work Up to the Move Slowly

A long-distance move is a big event, and it happens all at once. You can make it easier for your pets by gradually getting them used to the kinds of conditions they will face when traveling positively.

If you have a pet carrier, allow your pet to explore it and maybe even give them some treats to enjoy inside. Once they have a positive association with the carrier, you can get them used to movement and vibration by taking them for short car rides. If you are planning to fly, taking the carrier into a crowded area for just a few minutes at first can help your pet get a sample of what travel will be like, and learn that it will all be okay.

Make Travel Arrangements with Pets in Mind

A long-distance move involves a lot of travel time, and if you can break that time up or accompany your pets and reassure them, it can reduce their stress.

If you’re driving, plan frequent stops so your pets can stretch their legs and go to the bathroom. If you’re flying, check the regulations to see whether you can keep your pet in a carrier under the seat (where you can be close to them and talk to them), or if you can visit them where pets are held in another section of the plane. However you choose to travel, make sure that your pets are safely in a protective carrier with access to food and water if necessary, and their favorite toys or blankets for familiar and comforting smells.

Consider Pheromones for Anxiety

Pets shouldn’t have sedatives while traveling, but there are other solutions if you know your four-legged best friend will be anxious during the journey.

Pheromones are natural chemicals that both animals and humans produce as a way to communicate. Although humans can’t consciously smell pheromones, evidence shows that they do affect us. We now understand how to create synthetic pheromones that naturally calm cats and dogs, delivering the message that they are safe. Your pets can smell these pheromones, even if you can’t, and it can soothe their anxiety during long-distance travel.

Get Help With Your Long Distance Move

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