Tips For Packing On A Budget

Tips For Packing On A Budget

Tips For Packing On A Budget

Moving can be stressful, but moving on a budget can be even more stressful. You likely don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on boxes. Hiring professional Berwyn movers can often save you time and the cost of renting a truck, but there’s still plenty that you can do yourself to help save money.

Don’t Pay For Boxes

When you’re moving on a budget, cutting corners where you can help a lot. Cutting out seemingly minor expenses like boxes can lead to significant savings. Instead of purchasing boxes, head to your local grocery stores. Ask managers if they can save boxes for you. Often, convenience stores will set them aside for you to use so you won’t have to pay for boxes.

You can also browse local marketplaces and wanted ads to see if people are getting rid of boxes. For example, check Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. Homeowners who know they are moving months in advance can save boxes from Amazon deliveries and use them to move.

Forget Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are wonderful options for keeping breakable items intact, but you can make do without them. Instead, make use of what you already have! Pack clothing and towels around breakable items to provide the padding they need to stay intact during the move. When packing items that can break, ensure the box is fully packed. You don’t want items to move around during the move and get broken.

Pack An Overnight Suitcase

Before moving, pack everything you need for the day, night, and the next morning in a suitcase or a carefully labeled box. If you have children, pack an overnight bag for them as well. You’ll have everything you need, eliminating the additional expense of buying things because you can’t find them. If you’re cutting costs everywhere possible, pack snacks and a few ready-to-eat things, like cans of ravioli, for everyone in the family, too. This is cheaper than ordering a few meals.


Hiring professional movers is a great idea, but it’s critical to remember that how much it costs will depend on how much stuff you have. That’s why you should declutter long before you move. Sort through everything in the house, from clothes to toys to small kitchen appliances. Everything that doesn’t get used seasonally or every six months must be donated or go in a garage sale. The fewer boxes to move, the more money you will save.

Contact Professional Movers

Professional moving companies are here to help you throughout the process. We have all the necessary packing materials, experienced movers, and trucks. Our services are customizable, so you only pay for what you need. Give us a call to discuss Blue Bell relocation services today!


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