Tips on Finding a Job When Relocating to a New City

If your relocation plans weren’t motivated by a new job, the task of finding one in a new city can be challenging. Whether your move date is set with or without a job or you’re anxiously awaiting that “you’re hired” phone call before you pack up, you’ll want to have some sort of strategy. So where do you start? Here are some helpful tips on finding a job when relocating to a new city. 

Give Yourself Time
Even if the interview process won’t start until after you move, the work can start now. Get organized by updating your resume, preparing your portfolio, and checking out job listings in the local area. That also means deciding your geographical preferences as well, like how far are you willing to commute and how you plan to get to work. Some employers may seem a reasonable distance in mileage, but if you’re moving to a city or planning to drive, a couple of miles could take a lot longer than you think. By figuring these details out now, you can get right down to business as soon as you move.

Get to Know the City
While you’re getting organized, start getting to know your new city. If possible, make a couple of short trips out or one extended visit to your new location before you actually move there. Having a physical presence really shows how serious you are about the move to employers. Schedule a couple of interviews, informational meetings, and networking events to connect with local contacts. These people can help you stay in touch with opportunities even while you head back to your current city. Actually being there will also help you get an idea of the industries and companies in the area and a better understanding of what areas you’d prefer to work. Pay attention to local newspapers and magazines for helpful information too.

Sign Up for Job Alerts
Make your search a little easier by signing up for email alerts. Most major companies give you the option to set them up directly on their site, while other job sites like or will have them for all the job listings they receive. Set up your criteria to match what you’re looking for in terms of industry, position, salary, etc., so you can get up-to-date information on jobs you’d actually be interested in pursuing.

Focus on Specific Companies

A big move takes courage, so use that same fearlessness to make some big moves in your career as well. Instead of only waiting on those job alerts, identify some companies in the area that you’d really like to work for and find them on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to reach out to their recruiters and staff. Be proactive by introducing yourself and relaying what qualities or skills would make you an asset to their company. See if they would be interested in meeting with you, even if just for an informal cup of coffee to help you get your foot in the door.

Tap into Your Connections
Do you have any family, friends or professional connections in your new city? Even fellow alumni from your high school or college who you weren’t exactly your friends can be helpful in your search. Tap into networking groups on LinkedIn or search by specific companies to see if you have any first or second connections with any of their employees. You can also search by city or employer for people you know on Facebook, who could possibly help you find leads or get your resume in the right hands. And if not, they could still be a potential new friend in your new city!

Work with a Job Recruiter
There are so many recruiters out there; all of which would absolutely love to work with you, especially if you’ve got a lot of great skills and experience. Scope out your new location for various recruiters and try to narrow in on the ones that are specifically in your industry. They’re not only helpful for sharing potential opportunities, but also providing insight on the current job market in that area.

Consider A Temp or Seasonal Job

If the right position just hasn’t come along yet and your move couldn’t wait, consider a temp or seasonal job. These opportunities give you the flexibility of earning some money while you continue your search for a permanent position, or in many cases, could even lead to extensions or full-time jobs. At the very least, it’s a resume builder. Depending on the time of year, this could be your best bet as you get settled.

No matter what type of job you’re looking for, having a strategy as you start your search is the best way to help you get the job you want in your new city.  For more information on preparing for your big move, contact our long distance moving experts with any questions or needs you may have. We may not be able to promise you the perfect job, but we can guarantee the perfect move.


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