Top New Year’s Resolutions for Moving To A New Home

If a big move is on your calendar in 2019, then you’re already on your way to a fresh start this New Year! This type of new beginning can also be the motivation you need to stick to some other resolutions you may have made in the past, but haven’t been quite as successful in keeping. If you’re moving to a new home, here are a few of the top New Year’s Resolutions to make before and after life in a new home! 

Managing Pre-Moving & Post-Moving Stress

First things, first, let’s focus on that whole moving process. A top goal of moving to a new home should be to minimize the stress and hassle of your move by seeing which of the tasks on your moving to-do list can get checked off before you even pack up.

Registering your car, scheduling your utilities and notifying your post office may be a few things toward the bottom of your priority list, but will just cause you more stress if you wait. In the midst of unpacking and navigating a new town, the last thing you need is more errands, so prioritize the things you can do before your move. You can also make life easier by mapping out the local area before your move to locate the DMV, pharmacies, grocery stores and banks in the area to see which will be best for all your daily necessities.

Another super helpful way to manage post-moving stress is to have an unpacking plan. Empty rooms filled with boxes and disruptions in your normal routine are only going to make it harder to feel at home in your new place. Before you move, make sure you designate boxes to items you’ll need right away, like toilet paper, towels, tooth brush, silverware, etc. Then set aside a weekend to get all your packing done and tackle the process by unpacking one room at a time. The more complete each room feels as you go, the sooner you’ll start feeling at home.

Branch Out & Get Involved!

Since we’re on the topic of planning ahead, why not use the New Year as a chance to break old habits and take advantage of your resources. In a new town, there’s a lot of opportunity to meet new people and participate in unique events and organizations that not only help others, but have advantages for you too!

Start by researching the local area through community websites or Facebook pages, and plan a few weekends to tour the area and experience local hot spots to see who you meet. Find out how you can get involved in community activities, food drives or other fun social groups with people who share the same interests as you. Even joining a gym can help you knock out two resolutions in one as you work on those fitness goals in classes filled with potential new friends and helpful neighbors. Start now, so you can maximize the first couple weeks in your new town and distract yourself from any nostalgia of your old home.

Be More Organized

What better time to really get organized than in a totally new, totally empty home! This is the clean slate you’ve been waiting for to get all your belongings in order and start the New Year with a new system. Maybe it’s arranging your kitchen cabinets in a certain way so that spices, baking ingredients or pots and pans are all easier to find when you need them, or maybe it’s grouping seasonal clothes and shoes together in storage so those heavy coats are up in the attic and not cluttering your closet all summer long.

Get in the Habit of Recycling

Another common resolution that moving can help you stick to this year is recycling more. With any move, you’re given the opportunity to start fresh. As you pack up your belongings, separate out the items that you don’t need or carry little sentimental value to you. Instead of wastefully throwing them all away, take that one extra step to donate or pass them along to people who may see this “trash” a little differently than you do. An old winter coat or backpack could be a gift to someone in need this season.

And don’t stop there… make recycling a habit! Try and be more conscientious of buying products that can be recycled- like groceries packaged in glass jars and tin cans- or products made from recycled materials by looking for eco-friendly labels. Once you’re finished unpacking, if you notice there’s something your new home needs, you can also save money and minimize your carbon footprint with a trip to a thrift shop, antique store or craft market. You may be surprised what you find.

Eat Healthier

Let’s put that new kitchen to use, shall we? Make this one of the first rooms you unpack, so you’re not forced to rely on takeout or microwavable meals to get you through the first couple of weeks in your new home. Challenge yourself to cook a certain number of meals at home each week or try meal prepping when you know you have a busy week coming up. It’s important to go out and experience the different restaurants and bars your new town has to offer, but inviting people over for games or movie nights with a good home cooked meal is also a great way to make friends and stick to that healthy resolution at the same time!

If your big New Year move is rapidly approaching, Louderback Moving can help! For more information on how to start planning ahead or for help with packing, storage or transporting your belongings, our moving experts can handle any distance or any question you have. Contact us to learn more!


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