5 Items You Should Toss Before Moving Day

5 Items You Should Toss Before Moving Day

Moving is often a series of important decisions. People need to decide where to move, when to move and how to move. One of the most important decisions about moving is what to bring with you and what to leave behind. Here are five items that are best thrown out before you leave.

Broken Stuff

As one of the best moving companies in Bucks County, we recommend to our clients, it is best to leave behind all broken items. Any item that is in less than ideal shape should be thrown away. See what’s not functional and get rid of it.

Toxic Materials

Everyone has items on hand that are toxic in some way. You need to remove them from your home before you get to a new place. This may be part of your agreed upon contract before you leave the old space to a new tenant. It’s also the best practice when you leave. Contact local officials. Find out how to dispose of such items like cans of paint, or old appliances properly. You want to avoid creating any problems when you’re gone.

Flammable Items

Items that can catch on fire need to be left behind when you leave. You don’t want to be held liable for a problem when you’re no longer living there. This is the last thing you want to put on your moving truck. Make sure they are sealed properly and then drop them where required in your current community.

Old Food

If you’ve been living in a space for a few years, chances are you have lots of food items you haven’t used. That might include expired cans of sweet potatoes or the pickles you keep meaning to put on your grilled burgers each summer. Now is the time to get rid of them. If they aren’t expired, consider donating them to a local food pantry.

Duplicate Items

Taking things from one space to the next is costly. You want to pare it down to the essentials when you’re moving. That will make it easier and less stressful when you’re moving. See what extras you have on hand that you’re not using on a routine basis. You can give them away to friends and relatives. You can also give them to many local non-profits who will give them to their clients.


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