How To Fix Wall Scrapes and Dents Post Move

How to Fix Wall Scrapes and Dents Post Move

If you have relocated to another apartment, it is vital to fix dents and scrapes to make your new home look beautiful and appealing as best as you can. The process of erasing scuffs and dents is an easy repair, and you can handle the process involved on your own.

How to Fix:

Whether you’re moving in or moving out, furniture banging into drywall can leave scrapes and dents. Though these scrapes can be repaired easily by applying paint over the wall, any form of dents present need to be fixed with the appropriate drywall compound.

Materials Used to Fix Dents and Scrapes

*Drywall compound




*Putty Knife

Step-By-Step Process to Fix Dents and Scrapes

With the right tools and material and enough time for the project, you can fix dents and scrapes easily and quickly.

Step 1:Prepare the Area for Drywall Compound

This process involves sanding the surface lightly to get rid of loose drywall papers. Once you sand the area, you’ll also eliminate or lighten any dark scrape on the paint.

Step 2: Applying Drywall Compound

A putty knife is used to apply drywall compound on the surface of concern. Apply the compound to any existing dents and let it dry before adding another coat of paint.

Step 3:Remove any Excess

Sand the surface lightly in circular motions to remove any excess and smooth the surface. If cracking has occurred when sanding, apply another coat and allow it to completely dry.

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