Easy (& Not Awkward) Icebreakers for Meeting the New Neighbors

Easy (& Not Awkward) Icebreakers for Meeting the New Neighbors

Whether you’re moving long distance or just a couple blocks down the road, it isn’t always easy to adjust to a new neighborhood.  One of the best ways to make a new community feel like home is getting to know the people that live there. But if walking up to someone’s door and introducing yourself is a little out of your comfort zone, here are some easy ways to break the ice from your friendly residential movers at Louderback.

Do a Good Deed

Sometimes the best way to break the ice isn’t actually meeting the neighbors at all, but doing something they won’t forget. While you may not get lucky enough to save their home from a water leak or prevent a possible break in while they’re on vacation, a potential disaster isn’t the only way to make a lasting impression. Offer to shovel their driveway or clean off their car during the first snow storm or grab their newspaper and mail next time they take a trip. The best part is you’ll most likely find the same good deeds being returned when you’re the one in need.

Get Creative for the Holidays

Whether it’s a Christmas display worth driving out of the way for or Halloween candy that has the neighborhood kids talking all year long, find something that not only gives you a great rep with the neighbors, but makes people more likely to come to you.  Maybe this 4th of July, while everyone is out watching fireworks, you take the viewing party to the next level with a frozen drink machine, making margaritas for the adults and slushies for the kids. Breaking the ice than with some actual ice; go figure!

Ask to Borrow Something

The classic “can I borrow a cup of sugar” line is a classic for a reason. Whether it’s tools, equipment or a baking ingredient, you have the perfect excuse of just moving in to give this icebreaker a try. While you may have to muster up some courage to ring that doorbell, chances are, it’ll be well-received and the perfect segue into an introduction. Sooner or later, you’ll get to return the favor or even better offer a way to thank them that can become another bonding opportunity in the making.

Browse Online

This is one time it’s ok to resort to the comforts of online browsing, but only to get started! For some people, a crazy work schedule or full-time chauffeur and soccer mom/dad role can make it nearly impossible to meet the neighbors in person. Or maybe their closest neighbor isn’t actually just a few steps to the right, but a mile down the road. If that’s you, then apps helping you meet your neighbors can make things a lot easier. Nextdoor is one example, providing a trusted, secure network built by people near you that makes it simple and safe to turn an online meeting in into an offline gathering.

If you’re completely new to the area and can swing some free time, try following a couple local organizations on Facebook and keeping an eye out for upcoming events that you and your family can enjoy together where running into fellow community members happen naturally, or even volunteer to help out. 

Take Advantage of those Puppy Dog Eyes

Get a puppy! Ok, it was worth a shot. But if a new little addition to the family has already been on your radar, it may be just the time to do it! And if you already have a furry companion adjusting to your new home too, taking it for walks around the neighborhood is a great way to get them more comfortable with the transition, while providing you the perfect conversation starter with passing neighbors. It’s amazing how kids and adults alike are so much more willing to approach you when you have a four-legged friend by your side.

With a reputation for providing the best relocation services in the area, we’ve got you covered with all your packing and moving needs, but when it comes to meeting the new neighbors, you’ve got this! With these helpful tips, you’ll feel right at home surrounded by new friends in no time.


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