How to Move a Messy Room

How to Move a Messy Room

We all have that family member who gives new meaning to the word “messy.” (If it’s actually you, it’s ok. We won’t tell). With moving day approaching, the thought of facing that disaster zone is keeping you up at night. As the best relocation movers in Philadelphia, we know a thing or two about packing and organizing. So take our advice, and follow these simple steps for moving a messy room to enjoy a fresh start in your new home!

Remove What Doesn’t Belong

If you or your child is as messy as you say they are, there’s a chance there’s some dishes, cutlery, toys or other various items that haven’t found their way back their proper home. Start at the door frame and making a full sweep from one side of the room to the other, spotting those items and throwing them into a box for removal.  Keep a trash bag nearby too for any unwanted surprises.

The same goes for any items that you haven’t used or worn in over a year. Consider giving them their own box labeled “Goodwill.”  Decluttering may sound like adding an extra step, but it will save you a lot of hassle and unnecessary packing in the end.

Pack a Bag of Essentials

Before anything else, get together a separate bag for all the things you use regularly or will need within the very first couple of days during the move. You’re not going to want to search through boxes to find your toothbrush, deodorant, bedsheets or a clean pair of underwear after a long day of moving.

This goes for any room in the house and can be especially helpful for kitchen supplies since a homemade dinner is most likely not in the plans for night one. Keep things like garbage bags, napkins/paper towels and plastic silverware in a separate box for easy access. And don’t forget toilet paper for the bathroom!

Start Sorting Before You Pack

With everything that’s left, create specific piles for things that belong together. One for clothes, books, electronics, etc. Maybe this is where you really dive into those potential donatable items and create a pile just for that.  Check through closets, in drawers, underneath furniture… get everything into a pile for a better perspective of what you have and what you don’t need. From here, you can start packing these items based on their categories to make unpacking a lot easier on your future self.

Label Your Boxes Clearly

You don’t have to be a residential mover (like us) to know that labeling all your belongings is a very good idea. All those great piles you made will need identifying, otherwise you did all that work for nothing. Try to be a little more specific than “Bedroom” to make things as easy as possible. Use a word or two to identify what’s in the box like “John’s shoes” or “Dining Room China,” so you don’t just know where it’s going, but also how importance it is.

Try a Moving App

Ever heard of Sortly or Snap N Pack? There are apps out there that were created solely for making your life easier as you tackle packing even the messiest of rooms. From taking photo inventory to printing labels and creating checklists, you can organize  and prioritize every item and box so you can move like a pro (not quite like us, but it’ll help!).

The good news is that if all this packing and labeling sounds daunting to you, then a professional is here to help! We’ll not only get your boxes from point A to point B, wherever that may be, but we’ll do all the packing and crating of your possessions from any room in your home or business. We’ll even build custom crates for high value items to ensure their safety.

Now that you have all the tips you need to pack up your messy room(s), you can really start getting excited about a fresh start in a new home. For help with any part of the moving process, from packing to self-storage, give us a call!


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