How To Pack Glassware & Other Delicate Items

How To Pack Glassware & Other Delicate Items

How To Pack Glassware & Other Delicate Items


Packing delicate items takes a special touch, and the last thing you want is to discover that your favorite glassware is in pieces when you arrive at your new home. While packing glassware and other fragile items does involve some extra work, the effort is worth it. Figuring out how to pack glassware and other delicate items is easier with these tips.

Use Box Dividers

Our Allentown movers have a special secret when it comes to packing delicates, and that is using special boxes that fit specific purposes. Divided boxes provide extra stability for fragile stem glasses that could break with the slightest pressure. Boxes that are designed for glassware also tend to be made with heavier-weight cardboard that can protect against a movement that naturally occurs in a moving truck. After you sort through your glassware, take a count and make sure to get enough boxes to transport every glass. As you search for glassware boxes, don’t forget about your dishes. You’ll also find thinner divided compartments for plates that you can use to keep all of your serving ware safe.

Choose Your Cushioning Materials

Bubble wrap is vital for adding a layer of protection that keeps glass from breaking. Depending upon your needs, you can also use packing paper or a combination of the two to prevent glasses from clanging against each other and other items in the box.

Avoid Leaving Open Space

With delicate items, the goal is to keep them from moving around as much as possible. After you’ve finished packing what you can in the box, you’ll want to use additional packing materials to fill in the gaps. Ideally, you should have to place just a little pressure on the box flaps as you close and tape them down. Once the box is closed, you shouldn’t hear anything moving around as you carry it to the loading area.

Label Boxes As Fragile

When you hire Easton, PA moving companies to transport your belongings, you’ll find that they are careful to follow all of your instructions. If you choose to pack up everything yourself, then make sure to label the fragile boxes with a warning. Our movers can then use special care to avoid packing heavier items on top, and we’ll also do our best to make sure that they are loaded in a way that they won’t fall over. Once they arrive at their destination, we can even take them to the kitchen or other designated area to reduce how much the boxes are moved.

Let Us Help Pack Your Fragile Items

Are you concerned about glassware breaking during your upcoming move? Call us for a quote to find out if having a professional take over the task is the best choice for you.


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