Moving with Kids: Tips To Make The Process Easier

Moving with Kids: Tips To Make The Process Easier

Moving with Kids: Tips To Make The Process Easier

Moving to a new residence is hard enough to do when you are single. Then, throw in a few kids and possible pets, and you can bet that you’ll be facing at least a little bit more stress. While moving is often stressful, you don’t have to let it get out of control when you use these tips to make the whole process simpler.

Pack A Special Box For The First Night

People tend to envision their first night in a new house with excitement, yet that warm, fuzzy feeling quickly gets ruined when your kids start asking for their favorite blanket that’s packed in some random box. To fix this problem, designate one box as being the go-to source for all of your child’s first-night needs. After packing their toothbrush, pajamas, and stuffed toys, let the movers know about the box when you arrange for moving services in Norristown, PA. They’ll help make sure it is the first thing to unload when your truck arrives at its destination.

Involve Your Child In The Sorting Process

For young children, watching as people pack up their belongings can feel upsetting. Since most families have items to eliminate before their move, it helps to involve your children. They’ll be more likely to accept the need to give up less used toys and stuffed animals when they are given the choice of keeping a couple of special ones.

Carve Out Extra Family Time

Children still need attention, even when your to-do list is a mile long. If your child is whining or acting more clingy than normal, then you might need to delegate a few moving tasks and focus on some fun family time. Moving companies in Reading offer packing services that will clear out time in your schedule to go to the park or library with your kids.

Take A Tour Of Your New Neighborhood

Children also tend to have lots of questions about where they will be moving next. If you’re planning a local move, then use some of your extra time to visit the neighborhood. Letting your child visit their new playground or tour their school helps to make the move feel more real. If you live too far away to visit in person, then try a virtual tour to show your child where you’ll shop, go to school, and take them to sports practice.

Make Arrangements For Child Care On Moving Day

On moving day,  there will be tons of foot traffic that could leave small children feeling overwhelmed. Consider asking a grandparent or other loved one to babysit, or you could choose to take your child to play outside while the movers do the heavy work.

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