How To Hold A Successful Moving Sale

How To Hold A Successful Moving Sale

Having a moving sale in preparation for relocating can be a great way to lighten the load, making it easier to pack up your home. In addition, you can also add some extra funds to your moving budget. Follow these tips to plan a successful moving sale.

Schedule Your Sale in Advance

You don’t want to plan your sale last minute, so it’s best to think ahead and set a date in advance. This will allow you to get everything you want to include in the sale together and establish the best location, whether in the yard or inside the garage. 

Check With Local Ordinances

In some areas, there are local ordinances that require permits to hold a garage or yard sale. You’ll need to check with your town or county office to find out if you need to do anything before your sale begins. It’s best to check at least four weeks out so you have time to obtain any documents they may require.

Don’t Forget To Advertise

People won’t know about your sale if you don’t advertise it. Putting out signs on the day of the sale may not be sufficient to drive traffic to your location. Consider putting up flyers with the date and information of the event in your local grocery store or on community boards. Social media is also a great place to advertise if you’re a member of community groups.

Clean and Organize Your Items for Sale

Don’t just throw your belongings into a hodge-podge mess in the front yard. You want to organize them as best you can. Giving them a good cleaning will also draw more attention than trying to sell them as is.

Consider setting your sale up like a store. This organization will allow your buyers to easily shop, find what they’re interested in, and further lighten your load for moving day. Having your belongings sell quickly will make things easier for your furniture movers in Bethlehem, PA.

Make an Inventory and Price Everything

It’s also an excellent idea to make an inventory. This way, you can keep track of everything you have out for sale and know how much you will need to manage when you hire our Main Line movers.

Everything will also need a price so that you can show the value. Be careful how you choose to price things, as people come to these sales looking for a bargain. They’re not interested in paying full price for your previously used belongings.

Have an Excellent Moving Sale

Planning in advance is the number one key to having a successful moving sale. You’ll need to gather all your items for sale, inventory them, and price them. After checking with the local authorities, advertise, and then you’ll be well on your way to a successful moving sale.


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