Managing A Stress-Free Move With Children & Pets

Managing A Stress-Free Move With Children & Pets

Managing A Stress-Free Move With Children & Pets

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful occasion, but it can be when you have children or pets. Part of making a move more seamless with pets and children involved is taking the right steps to help them through the transition. If you have an upcoming move you’re worried about, here are a few tips on managing a stress-free move with children and pets.

Talk With Your Children About the Move Beforehand

Children can feel stressed out by sudden change, which is why it’s important to discuss the move long before you begin packing stuff up and getting ready to make the transition. Sit them down and tell them that you’ll be moving to a new place, giving them the safe space that they need to express their feelings or ask you any questions they may have. Even if they may not be quite excited about it at first, letting them know in advance can make it easier for them to understand what’s coming and what they can expect moving forward. You may even want to highlight some of the benefits or see how you can gamify the process so that they’re more excited about the move.

Create a Safe Space for All Parties

Moves can be hectic, and both children and pets need a safe space so that they’re not negatively affected by everything going around them. For children, this means having a space carved out for them where they can go about their daily activities unaffected until everything needs to be packed away for the move. This ensures they can maintain their schedule without feeling stressed. Pets are a bit more difficult. You should make sure there’s a quiet area where not much is going on and where they have treats, toys, and a comfortable place to lie down. You should also take them outside and keep them on their schedule as much as possible to ensure they don’t get too stressed out either. The happier they are, the happier you will be.

Consider A Babysitter

With everything going on during the move, it can be difficult to focus on the move as well as keep track of children and pets to make sure they aren’t getting lost in the chaos. This is why some will opt to have a family member or a family friend watch them on the day of the move until you can get them settled in. This way, they have somewhere safe where they can have fun and be distracted instead of trying to get your attention and keep up with everything that’s going on while things are being carried out of the house and loaded.

Enlist the Help of Movers so You Can Focus on Other Things

Of course, one of the top moving tips is to enlist the help of movers to take care of all of the crucial moving activities so you can focus on the things that are more crucial to you, like keeping tabs on children and pets as well as making sure that you have certain essentials on your person rather than packed away in boxes. If you’re not trying to stress yourself out with added tasks, enlisting the help of Haverford movers is always a good idea.

Make Your Move Stress-Free With Louderback Moving Services

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