The Do’s & Don’ts Of Long-Distance Moves

Planning a long-distance move means having a to-do list with what feels like a million tasks with the same deadline. This feeling can be overwhelming and cause additional stress during your moving process. Do not worry, though, because you are not alone in feeling like this! 

To help make your long-distance moving process flow seamlessly, we have created a list of the most common dos and don’ts. We are one of the premier interstate moving companies in Easton, PA, and our professionals have the experience to share the most common moving mistakes and helpful tips! 

Long-Distance Moving Do’s

Our top long-distance moving do’s that we recommend everyone planning to move are listed below:

  • Make arrangements for a moving company early: The earlier you book a moving company, the greater your chances of them having the exact dates you need them to move.
  • Stock up on packing supplies: When you know you need to move, it is time to start stocking up on packing supplies, such as boxes, tape, packing paper, and others. Purchase more than you think you will need to avoid making multiple trips. 
  • Research moving companies: Learn everything about a moving company, including checking reviews, hidden fees, and services offered. Researching moving companies helps you determine the best company for your needs and reduces the risk of falling victim to a moving scam.
  • Have a moving strategy in place: When you know you need to move, start putting your moving strategy together. List everything you must do between now and when the moving truck arrives.

Long-Distance Moving Don’ts

Throughout the years, we have discovered things that can add stress or cause problems during a long-distance move, and we have listed those don’ts below:

  • Wait until the last minute to hire a moving company: Delaying hiring a moving company can put you at risk of not finding a company with availability or rushing and hiring a deceitful company.
  • Overplan or rush the moving agenda: A long-distance move cannot be planned efficiently and effectively in a single day. Avoid the mental and physical challenges you will face when rushing a long-distance move by allowing yourself enough time to plan accordingly.
  • Take your car to the mechanic: Review it and get a tune-up to ensure it is ready for the long-distance move.
  • Pack everything in the truck: Most movers will not move hazardous materials, such as explosives, chemicals, or combustible gasses. It is important not to pack dangerous items in the truck, especially if you are doing the move yourself.
  • Forget the necessities: When moving long distances, it is vital not to pack everything in the truck. Keep crucial documents in the vehicle you intend to drive, including driver’s licenses, medical records, and passports. It is also essential to keep things you will need during the drive to your new home, like clothing and other essentials until you have the time to unload and unpack the truck.

Working with long-distance moving companies in Bethlehem can help you avoid the most common do’s when moving and provide you with additional tips to make your moving process go smoothly. When searching for a long-distance moving company, call us at Louderback Moving. We are here to help you every step of the way. Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our moving professionals can assist you with your upcoming move.


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