Understanding Your Moving Quote

Understanding Your Moving Quote

A moving quote is an estimate that is made to give you an idea of how much it will cost you to hire a moving company for your relocation. These are provided after you tell your chosen company where you are moving from and to, what you are moving, and whether you require packing services.

To help you better understand your quote, here we will review some commonly used terms and acronyms in the industry:

1. Bill of Lading

This is your official contract with the moving company. Review it carefully and keep it in a safe place. If anything does not go according to plan, you should have this document ready to prove it.

2. CP and PBO

“CP” means “carrier packed,” or packed by the moving company, which, of course, there is an extra charge for. “PBO” means “packed by owner.”

3. Cube Sheet

This is a moving company’s in-house document that is used to estimate the total weight of your cargo. It tracks all of the inventory for the move and the area it will take up in the truck. Keeping track of these details keeps your items safe and allows the moving company to determine how much manpower is needed. 

4. Inventory

This is a comprehensive list of all of your household goods. It should be detailed and specific, referring to quantities and the condition of every single item, listed separately. This is critical because if any item is damaged or missing upon arrival, you can easily refer to your inventory list to prove that the item was a part of the shipment and was not already marked as damaged.

5. Standard Coverage and Valuation

Our Kennett Square movers are required to include a minimum amount of insurance for all your valuables and items as a standard portion of their moving quotes. It is usually best to add coverage if you are concerned about valuable items getting damaged or destroyed in transit

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In conclusion, it is a good idea to read over your moving quote paperwork and get a general idea of what you are agreeing to pay for. If you have any issues with a quote from us at Louderback Moving, your local Dresher movers, or any additional questions, simply let us know and we would be more than happy to go over everything with you.


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