How to Prep Your Home for Sale Before You Move

home moversIt’s officially listing season! Which means if you’re planning to put your home on the market in the next couple of months, you’re not the only one. You’ve got some competition this time of year, so it’s important to do the little things that will make your home stand out to potential buyers over all the others. Here’s a few tips on how to prep your home for sale before you move, so you not only have a better chance of getting your asking price, but also making moving day so much easier.

Make a List of Minor Repairs & To-Dos

We recommend starting by taking some inventory of what minor repairs could be worth it for you to take care of before showings. Walk through your home as if you’re seeing it through the eyes of your buyers and make note of what catches your eye in a “negative” way. It may help to have a friend or two come over and provide some fresh perspective so you don’t miss anything. Not all leaky faucets or burned out light bulbs will be a deal breaker, but broken tiles, cracked windows or unsightly caulking around the tub could only give buyers reasons to hesitate.

Declutter & Depersonalize Your Space

The first things you should pack up are personal photographs and family heirlooms. It’s on your to-do list anyway, but make sure they’re removed for showings and Open Houses so buyers will have an easier time imagining themselves and their own belongings in the home. Furniture should be a focus too. Not everyone will share your taste in fabrics and style and the less furniture in the space, the better, so try to keep things simple and remove what you can. Start preparing for your move by going through items that can be thrown away or can be stored away for now.

Consider Renting a Storage Unit

Speaking of storage, another helpful tip for decluttering would be to consider a storage unit. But don’t waste money on storing items you don’t plan to take with you to your new home. As you declutter and begin to pack, separate those items that you don’t need right away or larger pieces that could help open up your space a bit. Not only will it help make your home more presentable for buyers, but will also help you stay more organized while packing the rest of your items later.

Louderback’s storage warehouse offers clean and secure individual storage vaults for both short and long-term storage. Let us lend a hand as you get your home ready to sell.

Rearrange Bedroom Closets and Storage Cabinets

In preparation for your move, start using your pantry items that won’t travel well. Canned and frozen food items are a good place to start and will help you get your kitchen storage more organized before it’s time to pack up. Buyers also love to snoop, so it’s not uncommon if they’re peeking into other closets and cabinets to check out the space. If those spaces are jam packed or items are falling out, this probably doesn’t send a good message. But if they see you’re organized, they’ll be more inclined to think you take good care of the rest of the home as well. Turn mug handles to all face the same way, stack plates and pans nice and tidy, arrange clothing by seasons, and fold all items neatly in drawers and on shelves. We promise it’s worth the effort- now and come moving time!

Paint the Walls

A little paint will go a long way in enhancing the appearance of your interiors. Not only should you look to touch up nicks and dents with spackle and color, but take a look at any bold colors throughout your home. You may love them, but to a potential buyer, it could be a turn off. It’s best to keep colors neutral, so buyers don’t think of your home as “the one with the lime green bathroom.” The goal is to create a blank canvas for the buyers to envision their future plans for the home.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Before most buyers even decide to set up a showing, they’ll make a drive-by to see your home and decide whether it’s worth a showing. That’s why all there’s so much ado about a home’s curb appeal. You can create a more inviting entry with a fresh coat of paint on the front door and landscaping touches leading up the walkway. Big, bold house numbers will also help visitors find and remember your home while on their search. And don’t forget about the garage door too. If it’s positioned toward the front of your home, it’s provides a big opportunity for distractions if it has any flaws.

Stage Your Home

Staging goes beyond simply professionally cleaning your home. You want to strike a balance between lived in and tidy. This means cleaning off all surfaces and adding little touches like a nice center piece to the dining room table or a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen island. Make sure chairs are tucked in properly and tables are straight. Focus on symmetrical furniture arrangements to create inviting conversation spaces. According to multiple studies, staging your home can really help it sell faster and for more money, so focus on the details!

There are a lot of things to think about when selling your home and preparing for a big move, but the good news is that Louderback is here and happy to help every step of the way. From useful moving tips and hacks to services like packing, storage and more, our experts can provide a helping hand for whatever you need! Contact us to learn more.


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