5 Tips to Get a Move on Your Spring Cleaning

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spring cleaning bucks countyEven if it doesn’t quite feel like spring outside, you’re probably already thinking warm thoughts inside (us too). But without the warm sunshine and fresh air filling your home, it’s hard to find the motivation to get out the cleaning supplies and begin your annual Spring Cleaning. But what if you didn’t wait until spring has already sprung to get started? Here are a few helpful tips to getting a move on your Spring Cleaning, so you can actually enjoy it once it’s here!

  1. Declutter First

Similar to how it makes the moving process much easier, decluttering is the best first step to Spring Cleaning. The less “stuff” you have crowding your spaces, the easier it will be to actually clean them. Make a schedule for each of the rooms you want to tackle and exactly what you would like to accomplish. As you go room by room, start by deciding what has to go (if it doesn’t bring you joy, right?).

All of your items should fall into one of four categories:

  1. Keep
  2. Donate
  3. Trash
  4. Belongs Elsewhere

Trust us, the Trash and Donate categories will probably be your favorite- giving you that freeing feeling not only in terms of decluttering, but in finding it a new home with someone who would really appreciate your “junk!” Decide where you want to donate certain belongings and if they’re large enough to require pick up. Items that Belong Elsewhere simply mean they’re out of place or should be packed away. This would include heavy bedding and winter clothing that you don’t need until next year.

  1. Make Sure You Have Your Supplies
    If you’re like most of us, you probably have cleaning supplies all over your house. While certain items are great in certain spots for day-to-day use, you’ll waste a lot of time running from room to room for what you need while you deep in Spring Cleaning. Check all your supplies to make sure you have what you need and enough of it, then make yourself a go-to cleaning kit. A shower caddy or bucket both work great! This way, you’ll be nice and mobile as you clean.
  1. Tackle One Small Space at a Time
    It’s easy to get caught up in everything you want to accomplish during your annual cleaning, but that also makes it easy to get overwhelmed. That room-by-room schedule we recommended in tip one will come in handy as you focus on one space at time. To help you stay motivated as the winter weather still lingers outside, start small. Maybe it’s the kitchen pantry or the bathroom cabinets. By finishing a couple minor tasks in a reasonable amount of time, you’ll feel so much better about the longer list ahead.
  1. Remember Hard to Reach Areas

You clean your home all throughout the year, but Spring Cleaning is all about going above and beyond to give your home a truly fresh start. That means taking care of all those hard to reach spots that you either forgot about or chose to ignore since last spring. Some of these spots include:

  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Inside your washer and dryer
  • Around HVAC vents
  • Around door and window frames
  • Inside light fixtures and chandeliers
  • Behind the toilet and under the sink

For a real, deep clean, these items should all be on your to-do list!

  1. Make it Fun!

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be just a chore. Make it fun for yourself by blasting your favorite tunes or treating yourself to a reward for each task. By getting a headstart, you’ll not only be grateful once the warm weather arrives, but you can even get the whole family involved to make it a group effort. They’ll be more receptive when they can spread out their responsibilities over time rather than having to devote a whole Saturday just to cleaning.

Nothing feels quite as invigorating as a newly cleaned and organized home. With these helpful tips, you can lighten the burden of your Spring Cleaning goals and get everything finished in time to actually enjoy the nice weather once it arrives!


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