Tips to Protect your Floors & Walls During a Move

protect my home during a move

protect my home during a moveThere’s a lot to think about during a move. While your furniture and belongings are an obvious priority as you relocate, one thing that’s often neglected, but just as important, is your home itself! We’re talking about the floors and walls in both your current home and your new one. After all, no buyer wants to find surprise dents or scratches in their new home, just like you wouldn’t want that damage in yours! We’ve got a few of great tips for protecting your floors and walls during a move, including how you wouldn’t have to worry about it at all! Here’s what you can do:

Trust the Professionals

With everything you already have on your plate for your move, do you really want to add another? That’s why our first tip is to hire professional movers! At Louderback, we’re happy to take the worry out of packing and loading by ensuring all your walls and floors are fully protected and your furniture is moved properly. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Cover all floors with cardboard
  • Protect carpets with a special film called Carpet Shield
  • Cover banisters with padding
  • Place protectors on doors to prevent nicks
  • Cover all belongings safely and securely with protective padding – 99% of the house will be covered in padding to ensure nothing gets dinged or damaged, including all furniture
  • Take inventory of all belongings to assess for damages before and after move and a report is provided to customer to make them aware of anything damaged before the move.

If it sounds like we do a lot, it’s because we do! Instead of getting all these materials and safeguarding your entire home yourself, you can simply enjoy knowing that everything is protected and cared for when you work with us. But if you did want to take matters into your own hands, here’s what you can do:

Get the Appropriate Protective Coverings

That not only applies to floors and carpets, but your furniture too. You can use drop cloths for walls in tight hallways or stairwells and pick up plastic sheet covers to lay out on all your floors and carpets to prevent scratches, dents and stains. You can also use rug-runners for hardwood floors. To protect furniture, you can use mattress covers, bubble wrap, furniture blankets and corner guards.

Don’t Drag Your Furniture

No matter what protective coverings you use, dragging large furniture across the floor is a bad idea. Stack lighter items and boxes on dollies with rubber tires, and use furniture sliders for heavy items like couches or tables if you can’t carry them.

Be Mindful of the Weather

If it’s a rainy or snowy moving day, make sure not to track any water, mud or salt onto your floors. We recommend using a large, heavy-duty mat at the front door for people to wipe their shoes as they enter and exit. You’ll just have to make sure they do!

Plan Ahead

The more you know about the spaces you’re working with, the better you can prevent scraping or denting your walls. Measure the rooms and door frames that contain larger items versus the size of those items. You’ll also want to dismantle or empty your furniture when possible to alleviate some weight and prevent items from falling out which could cause them to break or leave additional nicks or scratches. This may require more trips, but they’ll be much less risk of damage or injury if you do.

In the end, all the extra time, effort and money you’ll invest in protecting your home yourself may make you question if it’s really worth it. But since the alternative is paying a lot more to fix your walls, buy new carpet or refinish your floors, wouldn’t you rather just let professionals promise you a damage-free move? Contact the Louderback team to discuss your specific moving needs and get a quote for a safe, hassle-free move!


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