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professional moving service

professional moving serviceYour to-do list can get pretty lengthy during a move, so it’s nice to have someone handle the heavy lifting for you. But wouldn’t it be even nicer if your movers could take care of all the other stuff too? Like maybe clean up a bit as you prepare for the new buyers or even set up your internet while you’re unpacking? We’ve got good news. Louderback will do all that and more!

Unlike so many other relocation companies where packing and moving is all they do, we have a number of other services available to make your move even easier! The less you have on your plate, the more time you can spend enjoying your new home. Here are some of the other ways Louderback can help you during your move:

Move-In Cleaning Service or Move-Out Cleaning Service

One big way Louderback stands out from other interstate movers is our cleaning services. As an agent for Mayflower, we’re partnered with The Maids® Home Services to offer a special package geared directly to new homeowners, providing a one-stop shop for every step of the moving process and beyond. We’ll remove the stress and anxiety of house cleaning with a professional team of cleaners for up to ten labor-hours as you move into your new home and up to six labor-hours as you move out of the old. The Maids® use all environmentally preferable cleaning products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So leave the cleaning to us!

PC & Network Disassemble

When you lack a system for packing all the cables and equipment of your important devices, you can look forward to a lot of chaos during set up in your new home. Louderback has mastered the PC & Network disassembly to help you disconnect your Desktop/Notebook computers and all the attached components, so set up is a breeze. We’ll perform a physical audit of all your equipment before the move and record all network security info and device settings, as well as conduct a data backup (up to 10GB) to a portable media device before disconnecting, matching and labeling all the equipment and accessories. All you really have to know is everything will be neatly organized, bagged and transported with the movers to your new home.

Home Theater Stand Mount Disassemble

TVs and stand mounts can be heavy and their disassembly can be complicated. But don’t worry about it! We’ll disconnect your stand mount or table top TVs (up to 70 in.) and all attached home theater components. That includes things like your AV receiver, DVD, CD, VCR, freestanding speakers and more. We’ll disconnect, match, label and bag all cables separately according to the TV or home theater component from which they were disconnected. In the end, everything will be properly organized and prepared for the movers to load up!

Home Theater Wall Mount Disassemble

But what if instead of stand mounts, my TVs are wall mounted, you ask? We can help you too! We’ll disconnect wall-mounted TVs (up to 60 in.) and the attached home theater components. Like all of our services, we’ll perform an audit for any obvious scratches, dents, etc. before disconnecting the TV from all of its components. Everything will be removed and bagged according to the component it was connected to with the exception of cables or wires that run through walls or ceilings. We’ll leave those be. All set top/cable/satellite boxes will be inventoried with serial numbers, etc. and given to you so they can safely return to their appropriate service provider. Everything will then be packed up and ready to go for the movers!

PC & Network Setup

Nothing quite slows down the unpacking process like trying to properly hook up, set up and power up all your devices. We’ve got it. Those Desktop/Notebook computers and all the components associated with your home wireless network that we disconnected and packed up for you will all be set up in the right place upon the arrival in your new home. After another physical audit, we’ll hook up your PCs, connect everything from the printer, external hard drive, etc. and get you set up to a wireless network with the proper security settings. By the time we’re wrapped up, you’ll be completely connected and ready to work or play on all your devices.

Home Theater Stand Mount Setup

What comes down, must go up! We’ll take care of the installation of your stand mount/table top TVs (up to 70 in.) and all associated home theater components that we so neatly organized during disassembly! Following another physical audit, we’ll get the TV set up and all components connected, as well as locate a signal source. We’ll make sure that remote is operating properly so all you have to do after your long day of moving is kick back, relax and press “ON.”

Home Theater Wall Mount Setup

Yes, you wall mount owners are just as close to kicking back as our stand mount customers! Take a load off as we install your wall mount TVs (up to 60 in.) and all those pesky components. The process is very similar to our stand mount set up with the exception of making sure you provide us with the mounting brackets and hardware. We’ll get all AV components connected as long as they’re located on the same wall and directly below the TV. This wall should be inside the home, of course, with standard wood studs or a brick wall. Finally, we’ll find the signal source and set up that remote, so the hardest thing you have to do is decide what to watch first!

Louderback enjoys going above and beyond for our customers to help them get settled and start enjoying their new home! We’ll handle all the stuff our competitors won’t so that you only have one phone call to make. Check out  more details about all the services mentioned above, and contact us to discuss your specific needs!


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Very friendly gentlemen, worked efficiently together and took very little time to unpack. Treated me and my new home with a great amount of respect.

– Abigail in Bucks County

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