Things to Do the First 24 Hours in a New Home

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The first 24 hours in a new home can really set the tone for the rest of the time you live there. That’s why it’s so important to go in with a plan. As you’ve been packing up and organizing for your big move, we’ve been compiling a list of the most important things to do the first 24 hours in a new home, so you can start enjoying it sooner!

Document & Save Everything

If you’re a renter, this is priority number one! Your landlord may ask you to fill out a condition report, but if not, take initiative yourself and make notes of the condition of the home as soon as you get there.

Take as many photos as you can (you really can’t take too many), focusing on any pre-existing damage to walls and floors or anything else that may seem out of the ordinary. Give your new home a good walkthrough and create a detailed record of what it looks like now, so you have the best chance to get your security deposit back later.

Change the Locks

If you’re a homeowner, the first thing you’ll want to do is change the locks. It’s hard to know exactly who has been in and out of your new home before you. It’s fairly inexpensive to have a locksmith come out and replace the hardware as opposed to just re-keying the existing locks. It’s worth the added sense of security with the bonus of a nice update to your home.

moving expertsGive Your Home a Quick Clean

Most likely, your new place was professionally cleaned before move-in, but even so, you’ll feel much more at home with the peace of mind of a quick clean. There may be a couple of spots that need a little extra attention or will be harder to reach once your furniture is set up and in place. For other areas like door knobs, toilet seats and countertops, a general wipe down should do the trick. This way you can be sure everything is up to your standard of clean before your belongings are all in their proper place.

Plug in Major Appliances

Even if you don’t have to install your own major appliances, there’s a chance the previous owners unplugged and turned off the existing items as they moved out. Position your refrigerator, cooking stove, washing machine and dishwasher if they aren’t already, then plug each appliance and make sure it’s turned on and running properly. If you have the user’s manual handy, it may be worth a look to make sure you haven’t missed anything. 

Stock the Fridge

Now that your fridge is set up, it’s time to fill it! You and your family are bound to get hungry during all the unloading and unpacking, while movers always appreciate a cold drink or snack between the heavy lifting too! Designate someone to run to the grocery store to grab a few first day essentials; waters, sports drinks, frozen pizza and snacks, eggs for the morning, etc., as well as disposable plates, forks and napkins in case your utensils are still packed away. Even if you plan on ordering food in on the first night, you’ll still need a place to keep any leftovers!

Put Boxes & Furniture in the Right Rooms

You may be tempted to just get everything in your home ASAP, so you forget to sort as you unload. Save your future self the frustration of separating out piles of boxes later by placing all items in its correct rooms now. Whether your plan is to go on an all-out unpacking spree over the next couple of days, or go bit by bit over the next few weeks, this strategy will make maneuvering and organizing your home so much easy as you do.

Unpack Everyday Essentials

Some things you just need every day, and that’ll include the first 24 hours. Things like toiletries, towels, change of clothes, bedding, and even coffee-making supplies to get you through all the unpacking on your plate! Hopefully, you planned ahead and made sure these items were all packed separately and easily accessible during unloading (if you haven’t, do it now!). A pro tip is to let each family member have their own essentials box to simplify the locating and unpacking process even more.

If there’s still time left in the day, stop by and meet the neighbors! The sooner you introduce yourself, the sooner you’ll start feeling at home in your new neighborhood. Who knows, they may even offer a helping hand! For more helpful tips on transitioning during a move or to discuss plans for your upcoming relocation, contact our team of moving experts for a free quote.


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