Moving with your Pet

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moving companies montgomery county paMoving day is busy. Between last-minute packing and trips to and from the moving truck, a moving day might be your most stressful day this year. Among the chaos, it’s important to remember that moving is stressful for your pets, too. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your pet comfortable and safe when moving.

Most of these steps should be done in the weeks before the move. Make sure your pet is up to date on all shots and routine medical care. Check that you have sufficient food, medications, and other necessary supplies. Ensure carriers or crates are the correct size and in working condition; you don’t want to find out in the middle of moving day that your pet no longer fits in their carrier.

You want to designate safe space in your current home and future home where your pet will stay while the movers in King of Prussia are packing and loading the moving truck. This space should be quiet, have a door that closes, and be empty of all moving boxes. Your pet could run away or get hurt if they have free rein of the house, so it’s important they are contained until it is time to move them. Ideally, your pet is already comfortable spending time in a safe space, but it’s not always feasible. If you will be using an unfamiliar space such as a bathroom, be sure to give your pet time to get used to space by moving their bed into the room and spending time with them in the safe space. For anxious pets, there is a variety of calming products to try, or your vet might prescribe something to help your pet on moving day.

On moving day, make sure your pets are wearing their collars or harnesses with current identification. After you’ve moved everything out of the safe space and brought in some of their favorite toys, beds, blankets, food, and water, it’s time to bring in your pet. Spend a few minutes with them to make sure they are comfortable before closing the door.

Only after you have finished packing up should you prepare to move your pet. Make sure your pets are securely leashed or crated before transporting them to your new home. There should be a designated safe space in the new home as well, where your pet should stay until everything has been moved in and foot traffic has died down. Let your pet take the lead from here and enjoy exploring your new home.


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