Moving Checklist for New Homeowners

moving into new home

moving into new homeWhen you are preparing for your move as a new homeowner, there are several things that you need to do to make the move go well. You will want to stay organized about everything you do for the move, and you can check these things off your list as you go so you will get settled in well.

Look at The Area Where You Will Be Moving
One of the first things you can do weeks before the move is to look into the area where your new house is. Learn about the schools, hospitals, banks and more that are in the area. Also, learn about the city rules and ordinances so you will be prepared for living there.

Get Boxes and Start the Packing
Get as many boxes as you think you will need and start packing early so that you will know if you have to go out and get more boxes. Pack up all of the things you don’t use often first, and carefully label each box as you go. The more you get packed up early, the more relaxed you will feel as moving day approaches.

Consider Getting Help with The Move
If you think it would be good to have a moving company’s help, then that is one of the things to consider immediately. Look into each of the moving companies in Doylestown and find one with a good reputation. Put aside the money that you will need to pay the company and you will feel good when moving day comes and you get the help you need.

Get Everything Set Up at The New House
You need to know that the water and all of the utilities are working well in your new house before you just move in, and you need to check on all of that before moving day. Get the internet and TV services set up before moving in for less stress after, too. Also, make sure that the house is clean and ready for you to move in.

Finish Things Up at Your Old Place
Start emptying the pantry and fridge of food by using it up well ahead of the move. Clean your old place and do the work slowly as you pack up and get out, so you won’t miss anything that you need to do there. Lastly, turn off the electricity or hand the keys over to the landlord before you get settled in your new house.


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