Preparing for a Smooth Move: Tips and Tricks from Professional Movers

Preparing for a Smooth Move: Tips and Tricks from Professional Movers

Preparing for a Smooth Move: Tips and Tricks from Professional Movers

Moving can be a drawn-out process that still seems rushed and disorganized, but there are ways to combat that. You can have a move that goes relatively smoothly if you follow a few tips.

Start Now, Not Tomorrow

Start now. That’s likely one of the biggest and best things you can do to make the move go smoothly: Start packing now. Go from room to room to see what you can pack immediately and what you have to pack at the last minute. Figure out how many boxes you might need (more on that in a bit). Decide where packed boxes are going to live until moving day. Start now.

Declutter Ruthlessly

Even if your home was well-organized before the move, you likely have items that you don’t use and don’t think about. This move is the time to declutter and get rid of those items. As you pack, go over items that you rarely see and decide whether to keep them or not. 

Over-label and Over-record if Necessary

You really can’t go too wrong with over-labeling and over-recording everything. You may think you’ll remember exactly what’s in “Kitchen Box 3,” but after the move is done and you find you need more than a couple of days to unpack, you’ll wish you had more detail about what was in that box. When you don’t know or only vaguely know, you end up opening a bunch of boxes to search for one item.

As you pack, try to keep inventory lists. When you label the boxes, add a little more detail. Instead of “Kitchen Box 3,” for example, use “Kitchen Box 3, baking pans, mixing bowls” or something similar.

Get More Boxes and Packing Material Than You Think You Need 

When you first start packing, it’s normal to start with a few boxes and other supplies and see how much more you need as you go. But don’t continue buying small numbers of boxes for too long. At some point, you need to expand what you buy so that you can pack more effectively. It’s better to end up with extra boxes when you’re done packing than to find you don’t have enough room for everything you wanted to take. And if you look over what you own and figure you’ll need X number of different types of boxes, get a few extra of each. For wardrobe boxes, get an extra one or two if you have a lot of hanging clothing. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing you have the boxes necessary to pack everything.

Hire Professional Movers 

Of course, one of the best ways to make sure your move goes smoothly is to have someone else do it. Hiring professional movers means that you don’t have to worry about renting a truck, hauling heavy furniture upstairs, or driving across the country. The movers will do that for you. They’ll have the equipment to make the process go even more quickly and will likely work in a team of two or three people, making the actual loading and unloading time zoom by.

Moving doesn’t have to be disorganized and rushed. If you need moving companies in Norristown, PA, or moving companies in Quakertown, PA, contact Louderback Moving Services. We help with intra- or interstate moves and strive to make the moving process as simple as possible for you.


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