Settling In: Unpacking and Organizing Tips from Professional Movers

Settling In: Unpacking and Organizing Tips from Professional Movers

Settling In: Unpacking and Organizing Tips from Professional Movers

Once a move is done and your Philadelphia relocation service company leaves, you’d think your life would settle down. Then you see all the boxes you have to unpack. True, the upheaval of packing and transporting items is done, but now you have to get everything out of those boxes and into some semblance of normalcy as quickly as possible. It’ll be much easier if you packed with unpacking in mind, but even if you didn’t, you can still make unpacking easier to do.

The Very First Step

Get each box into its proper room. Hopefully, you’ve labeled your boxes so you know what’s in each. If movers are bringing boxes inside, have them place the boxes in the correct room.

If you had to pack in a rush and couldn’t adequately label boxes, do your best to remember what is in each box. If there are any with labels or hints (like a scribbled “B” for books), move those to their respective rooms. The same goes for any boxes with features that you recognize, like markings or old packing labels, if you’re reusing boxes. For example, if you have a box with a certain scratch on it that you remember as having glasses in it, move that to the kitchen.

Then, open the unlabeled boxes one by one and move them to their respective rooms. Don’t start unpacking the boxes until you’ve moved all of them to their proper locations. Then, prioritize the most important rooms to start with. 

Clean and Get the Furniture Into Place

Once you have those boxes open and put away as best you can, you’ll need to get furniture assembled and put in its correct place. Clean the spots where the furniture will be and get all those items ready to go.

Unpack What You Need, Room by Room

Choose one room and start unpacking. You can unpack everything for that room before moving on to the next room, or you can unpack the items you use daily and weekly first. That ensures that the items you’re most likely to use are already out if you get tired and need to stop unpacking.

Go Back and Finish Unpacking Room by Room

If you chose to unpack only the more commonly used items in the first round, go back through each room and finish unpacking. Concentrate on only one room at a time; don’t hop from room to room, unpacking a bit here and there. Get each room into great shape before moving on.

Remember to Break Down Boxes and Take out Trash and Recycling

As you unpack and empty out boxes, break them down immediately instead of throwing them to the side to deal with later. The boxes take up space and can get in your way, even if you have only a couple to deal with. Also, take out trash as it builds up and if there’s anything to recycle, remove that, too. If you plan to keep some of the boxes for later moves, stack them all and make sure they’re out of your way.

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