The Steps We Take to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 During Your Move

It’s been about half a year since COVID-19 changed how we operate in day to day life. In the beginning, no one really knew what to do because of how mysterious the virus was. Now, it’s been proven by major health organizations that COVID-19 can be easily prevented by following protocol.

And while living as you once did may not be possible, that doesn’t mean you need to put your life on hold because of the pandemic. It’s still possible to do something as important as moving and our goal is to ensure it goes smoothly.

Here are the steps we have taken as movers in Easton, PA in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during your move.

Protective Gear

First and foremost, our main objective is to make sure everyone is safe from the virus. We fit our staff with high-quality masks before sending them to your home. Our crews diligently wash their hands frequently, following the latest CDC guidance.

A study has shown that masks reduce the risk of getting COVID-19 by 95 percent.

No Need for Handshakes

As a moving company in the pandemic, we understand that physical contact must be kept to a bare minimum. A simple “hello” and the location of your belongings is all we need. What matters to us is that you have a safe and memorable moving experience.

Virtual Tours

Speaking of minimizing contact, you won’t have to worry about scheduling an in-person appointment for taking stock. Again, your safety is always our first priority. This is why we’re allowing you to give us a virtual tour of your home, so we can give you a quote. Be sure to tell us everything you plan on leaving in our care and ask any questions you may have.

Even if the positivity rate in your area is low, we always make sure to take the proper precautions to keep you and your family healthy. You can never be too careful, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Moving may be a bit more difficult due to the pandemic, but it doesn’t have to be. This information is meant to ease your anxiety and provide comfort. If you’re looking for a reputable moving company, contact Louderback Moving Services at 610-265-5500 today.


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