Ways to protect your family heirlooms during a move

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Family heirlooms are some of the most precious items in your home. When it comes time to move houses, you need to keep them safe and sound. When you hire our movers in Norristown, PA, we can assist you with packing your heirlooms safely and securely. Let us take a very close look at four ways to protect your family heirlooms during a move.

#1 Cushioning

To start things off, cushioning is a great way to protect your heirlooms. Cushioning can range from pillows to socks to padding on the side of your suitcase. When there’s something to catch items when they fall, there’s a much better chance of everything remaining intact. Another similar tactic is to fully pack your bags with heirlooms and other objects. There won’t be room for the objects to wiggle around and clash with one another.

#2 Proper treatment

Next, you want to treat these heirlooms properly. In essence, treat the objects how you treat a credit card inside your wallet. Keep your eyes on it at all times, and even better, don’t let them outside of your reach. It’s easy to get a little lazy and stuff these heirlooms inside a backpack just like anything else. Treat these heirlooms like the valuable prized possession they are.

#3 Locks

For the most valuable heirlooms, you might look into locked suitcases and bags for transportation. In particular, if you are flying across the country, you don’t want the items to be in luggage that anyone can open. A lock with a key is a great way to make sure that these possessions are not tampered with.

#4 Take pictures

Last but not least, take pictures of your heirlooms before and after the move. If you have insurance for these objects, you’ll have proof that they were damaged or cracked. Clearly, this is the worst case scenario that you hope will never come true. However, it’s always good to have this evidence on hand. At the very least, you’ll have documentation of the history of the items.

These are a couple of ways to protect your family heirlooms during a move. Although these items might be fragile, you should be able to take care of them easily. Follow the above tips and decorate your new home with these heirlooms. If you’re in need of moving and storage companies in Lehigh Valley to help you with your move, contact us today!


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