How to pack and clean your bedroom when moving

movers in NorthamptonIt’s easy to waste time and energy when moving. One of the most draining places to pack up for a move is the bedroom. Before you schedule your move with our movers in Northampton, learn how to pack and clean your bedroom efficiently.

Pack the Most Essential Items in One Box

Pack the most essential items that you use every day, such as personal hygiene items, water bottles or medications. Pack a single carry-on bag to take on a plane or into a vehicle while you travel long distance. This is more convenient than digging into several bags to find one small item.

Make a Checklist

Make a checklist of the belongings that you are planning to move. After you reach the new destination, check each item off the list. If you’re moving out on your own, you cannot insure any personal item that has been lost or damaged. Build a list that helps you to remember what was moved, lost or stolen.

Clean After the Room is Clear

Cleaning a room is most effective when the area is clear of furniture, rugs and debris. Clean the room once before moving any furniture. Clean it again after moving all of the furniture for the best results.

Pack the Heavy Items First

As you pack boxes and luggage, pack the heaviest items on the bottom first. Then, pack the lightest items on top. This technique prevents your most fragile items from being crushed under heavy weights. You’ll avoid having to buy brand-new items because you didn’t pack properly.

Practice Green Cleaning

Moving allows you to practice environmentally-friendly cleaning to protect the environment, protect your health and minimize damage to your personal property. Avoid using household cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals, and replace these toxins with all-natural ingredients.

Enjoy Cleaning

Some people find it easier to clean when they make it more enjoyable. They may listen to music while vacuuming or watch TV while dusting. When you’re doing an activity that you don’t like, combine it with the activities that you like doing.

Everyone wants to leave behind a perfectly clean bedroom while moving. It shows the new occupants of your room that you are a clean, hygienic person. However, many people’s goals fail short of their actual results. Long before your move, review important tips on how to pack and clean your bedroom effectively. Most importantly, work with our movers in Berwyn at Louderback Moving Services to receive professional moving services.


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