These Are The Best Ways To Pack Weird Shaped Items

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long distance moversPacking boxes for a move or storage is usually an easy thing to do. However, packing odd shaped, irregular items presents a challenge. Whether packing for storage around the house or a move, it takes some creativity to pack these weird shaped items.

The first tip for packing odd shaped items is the box used. You want to choose a box that is big enough to enclose the item but also allow room for cushioning. This protective cushioning can include bubble wrap, blankets, or newspapers/packing paper. In addition, protect protruding or easily broken parts with extra padding/protection. When finished, close the box, tape it securely shut, and label the box (for movers). This label should include informational words such as fragile or this side up, because you or the movers in Norristown, PA will probably not know what is in the box.

The second tip for packing weird shaped items is handling furniture. This includes mattresses, chairs, sofas, and other irregular shaped items that will not fit neatly into a box. Before deciding on how to pack and protect these items, see if they can be partly or fully disassembled. If they can be disassembled, you can wrap the individual pieces with protection before you move them. Sometimes, it will not be obvious how these pieces fit back together, so make yourself some notes or a drawing to help you remember assembly steps.

A third tip for packing weird shaped, fragile items is packing mirrors and pictures. These items may need extra protection because bumps and other contact may break them. Wrap these items individually with a blanket or bubble wrap and stack them in a box. You can even bundle 4 or 5 items together and wrap them tightly with masking tape. Doing so will help keep them together and reduce bumps and movement, lessening the chance of breakage.

A fourth tip has to do with packing your television. With flat-screen TVs, monitors are very thin and in need of special attention. If you have the original box for the TV, use it to pack the TV. However, if you did not keep the original box wrap the monitor with a sheet or blanket and secure this wrap with tape. If you are moving the TV, load it where nothing heavy can be set on top of it. If your TV has a plasma screen, never lay it face down.

A fifth tip for packing odd shaped items is packing your glass-top table. First, dismantle the table as much as possible, keeping any parts and hardware together. Spread a blanket on the floor and lay the glass top on the blanket, wrapping the glass in the blanket. For extra protection, put cardboard against the glass before wrapping the tabletop. After wrapping, secure the blanket around the glass top using masking tape or packing tape.


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