First Things You Should Do When Moving to a New House

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Moving into a new house is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There’s so much you need to do. Here are 8 items to put at the top of your move-in list.

  1. Change the Locks – It’s your house now. Change the locks so you can keep your home, family, and personal property safe. You don’t know who might have an extra key. You can completely change the lock hardware or have a locksmith come out and rekey the locks. Both will do the job.
  2. Get the Utilities Turned On – As soon as you have the keys in your hand, contact the utility companies and get them turned on. It may take a few days if you haven’t already done the switchover authorizations.
  3. Change the Toilet Seats – Installing a brand-new toilet seat is a great way to make this house into your home. Plus, it will keep you and your family safe from unexpected health issues.
  4. Find the Utility Shut-Offs – If the lights go out, a faucet breaks, or you smell gas, you need to know where utility cut-offs are and how they work before you need them.
  5. Plugin the Appliances – It’s common to find the appliances in your home unplugged. Take a moment to make sure everything is plugged in and working properly. If you need to make repairs or clean them, it’s better to do it before you start using them.
  6. Update Your Address – Inform the USPS of your change of address. You can do it through their website or use a form you can pick up at the post office. Make sure you inform anyone who needs your address such as family, banks, creditors, employers, etc.
  7. Check Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors – You need working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in place before you spend your first night in your home. Test the batteries and replace them as needed. If the alarms are over 10 years old, you should replace them.
  8. Do a Deep Clean – It’s far easier to clean cabinets and closets before you start moving into space. Run the vacuum in the closets and pantry to get the finest dust bunnies. Have the carpets professionally cleaned if needed?

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