Top 5 Ways To Cut Costs While Moving

Top 5 Ways To Cut Costs While Moving

Top 5 Ways To Cut Costs While Moving

Moving from one house to another is bound to be expensive. You have to pay for gas, moving supplies, and the cost of physically moving everything you own. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Use these five tips to cut costs while moving from one house to another. 

Make A Budget

Before spending a dime on moving, it’s important to come up with a budget. This will help you determine what you can, and cannot, afford. After making your budget, write down everything moving-related that you spend money on to keep track of expenses. This is an easy way to make sure that you don’t go over budget. 

Don’t Pay For Boxes

One of the most expensive parts of moving is moving boxes. Some great, and free, ways to get boxes for moving include: 

  • Saving boxes when you order things online 
  • Asking local grocery stores to save boxes for you
  • Asking local stores if they have a box dumpster you can go through (they only put cardboard in this dumpster, and it’s usually full of broken down boxes that need to be taped back up) 
  • Make a post on social media asking if anyone has just moved, and needs to get rid of their moving boxes

These are all great ways to get boxes without spending a lot of money. If you have a lot of stuff that needs to be packed in moving boxes, save yourself some money by getting boxes elsewhere.

Ask Friends And Family For Help

If you have a short-distance move, consider asking friends and family members if they can help. If you’re not a fan of a full DIY move, ask for help moving smaller boxes and hire a moving company to move larger items that make you nervous, such as the refrigerator. 

Use Alternatives For Packing Peanuts

Packing supplies can be costly. Instead of purchasing packing peanuts or other materials to pack around breakable items, consider using some things that you already have around the house, such as: 

  • Empty plastic bags from grocery shopping
  • Clothing
  • Towels
  • Crumpled up newspaper

You can use any type of crumpled-up paper if you don’t have a newspaper handy. 

Hire Professionals For Long Distance Moves

Hiring professionals seems costly, but it can save you money for long-distance moves. Having to pay friends and family members to help move long distances, and paying for their gas, is going to be more expensive than hiring a professional moving service. You also won’t have to worry about your things getting broken because professionals typically know what they are doing.

Moving can be a stressful life event. The additional cost of moving can lead to more stress, but it doesn’t have to. Contact us when you’re ready to work with Lehigh Valley movers. 


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