The Most Common Scams In the Moving Industry

The Most Common Scams In the Moving Industry

The Most Common Scams In the Moving Industry

The moving industry is designed to make it possible to seamlessly transport your belongings to a new location. While most movers are trustworthy, it is also common to hear horror stories of people who got scammed during one of the most stressful times of their life. Being aware of these common moving industry scams puts you in the right position for protecting your personal or business assets during your upcoming move.

Asking for a Large Deposit and Disappearing

You might be asked to put down a deposit by a moving company that secures the vehicle and movers for your big day. However, the amount that you are expected to put down typically falls within a reasonable range, and you’ll be expected to complete the payment schedule once everything is delivered. Before you give someone a deposit, make sure that the company is an established business that is well-known within the community. Too often, a fake moving company will pull this scam and then go off the radar once they get your funds.

Using the Old Bait and Switch Trick

In some cases, it might be possible to get an estimate online or over the phone. Yet, you’ll want to be wary if the estimate seems extremely low compared to other companies and the person giving the quote has never set foot through your property’s doors. After reeling you in with what seems to be an amazingly affordable estimate, the scammer will then demand additional funds on a moving day by claiming that you have more items to move than you said during your initial quote. Always get your moving contract in writing, and consider avoiding going with anyone who offers a bid that seems too good to be true.

Giving an Incomplete or Confusing Contract

If you expect to see a written contract, then you’re already in a good place for avoiding scams. But, you’ll want to avoid simply falling for a whole bunch of legalese that makes it hard to understand. Make sure to ask questions about any confusing parts of the contract, and remember that you can always ask for it to be reworded or to seek advice from someone you trust to explain it to you. If you’re handed a contract with missing parts, then refuse to sign it until you get it corrected. Scammers sometimes add in exorbitant new charges for things such as having to move items from an upper-level apartment, which is something that a reputable moving company would already mention in the contract.

Providing Late or Non-Existent Deliveries

Things can happen on the road, but a quality moving company will make sure to communicate with you each step of the way. Experienced moving companies in Bucks County, PA can also give you a fairly accurate estimate of when the truck will arrive and you should be able to see testimonials from happy customers that can vouch for their timeliness. Watch out for companies that lack a positive history, since they could take off with all of your belongings along with your deposit.

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