Why are Long-Distance Moves Priced by Weight?

protect my home during a moveMost people move several times during their lifetimes. However, they may only move within their state or city each time. Long-distance moves might occur only once in a person’s lifetime. For this reason, consumers aren’t always familiar with the details surrounding moving charges. Long-distance moves are often priced by weight for several reasons. In the end, the pricing is the most accurate way for a mover to gauge a project’s cost.

Gauging the Amount of Labor

Long-distance movers work with weight because it’s an accurate account of how much labor might be involved with a client. If you own lightweight furniture, for example, picking up the items is much easier than heavier objects. The weight usually equates to the item’s challenge for movers.

You’ll need extra workers for heavy objects, which equates to a more expensive move. Some objects may not be the typical household items either. Moving snowmobiles is much harder than the dining room table. Movers must use weight as they quote a job so that the estimate is as accurate as possible. No client wants a quote that’s too high or extremely low.

Passing Through Interstate Weight Scales

Pricing through weight values is also important because of trucking laws. Every truck must go through some weight scales as they move between states. A truck that’s over the weight limit for its size will be fined. The movers can haul only a certain amount of weight in each truck.

If your move is incredibly heavy, you’ll need two trucks. The weight tells the movers that the cost will be considerably more because of the addition of another vehicle. Consumers will know the upfront costs too, which reduces the chance of an inaccurate estimate.

Tabulating Fuel Charges

Long-distance moves priced by weight will take the fuel cost into account. A heavier vehicle will use more fuel across state lines. The weight also adds to the wear and tear on the vehicle. These combined costs give the consumer a fair price for the move. A lightweight move will cost less than a heavier one to the same location.

Charging by Time Varies Too Greatly

When it comes to a long-distance move, the time to transition the household will vary greatly. There are overnight times to consider, for instance. The moving truck must stop for stop lights, traffic and other situations on the road.

If clients had to pay for a timed move over a long distance, the quote would never match the actual time spent. There are just too many variables to consider.

What happens if the actual weight is more than the estimated weight? At Louderback Moving, we don’t like surprises, so we will lock in your cost at a guaranteed price. If you haven’t added items to the job, we’ll honor our original quote, even if the actual weight is higher than the estimate.

Always ask for three or four different quotes from various movers. They’ll have competing prices that should be relatively close in number. Select a reasonable quote from reputable movers. The resulting transition can be problem free as a result.

Here at Louderback Moving, we give our clients top service and expectation when handling their move. The premier long distance movers in Norristown PA, to get a free estimate contact us today to see why Louderback Moving is the best.


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