What is Interstate Moving?

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moving companies in Bethlehem paGuide to Interstate Moving
For many individuals, there is confusion about the meaning of “interstate” and “intrastate” moving. There is more to the differences in these two types of moving and if an individual doesn’t know what these terms mean, it can result in higher moving costs.

Interstate moving is basically moving items across a state border even if these items are brought back into the state of origin. In interstate moving, the modal transport can be via shipping container on a train or truck.

Intrastate moving, on the other hand, is defined as moving items within a state. Unlike interstate moving, intrastate moving doesn’t involve Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations for single state moves as it would for interstate carriers.
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Governance for Professional Interstate Movers
Customers of professional interstate moving should be aware of governance and rules and regulations under which your interstate mover complies. However, moving items state to state also incurs state rules and regulations that may differ between states. A professional interstate mover is well versed in these states to state differences.

Under federal laws, for example, interstate movers are required to register their trucks with the U.S. Department of Transportation. In addition, many states require interstate moving companies to have a state business license. In many states, drivers must also have a commercial driver’s license.

For customers of professional interstate moving companies, this is an assurance of business reliability and driver experience, skill, and training. Depending on the scope of the interstate move, interstate movers often rely on state government websites as a guide to state regulations across states where items will be moved.

How to Choose an Interstate Moving Company
When items are to be moved, the first consideration is the point of origin and destination. A move from Pennsylvania to California, for instance, indicates the need for a professional interstate mover with cross country experience.

Individuals planning to move should also consult with their interstate mover for storage solutions, should that become necessary. This usually happens if there are delays in finalizing paperwork or inspections for home buyers. It may frequently occur with commercial and industrial businesses planning interstate moving when a facility has not been cleared for occupancy. Choose your interstate mover based on years of experience, excellent customer service reputation and ease of acquiring estimates.

The Leader in Interstate Moving
Louderback Moving Services in Lansdale, Pennsylvania meets all the necessary qualifications for interstate moving. With more than two decades of experience, extensive knowledge of interstate regulations, reputation for excellence in customer service and business professionalism, Louderback Moving Services offers reliability, convenience, and assurance of a flawless move.

Louderback Moving Services also offers free estimates and a simple online format. Simply complete the form and click on “Send” and your moving plans will be immediately addressed. Whether your interstate moving is residential or commercial, having an expert consultant to assist with each step of a move takes the wrinkles out of the most stressful event in most people’s lives.

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