4 Ways Storage Could Help Your Move

moving and storage companiesMoving can be both a hassle and a thrill all at the same time. The best way to minimize the hassle and maximize all the good stuff is by getting a little help. Many people don’t consider the ways in which storage units can alleviate a lot of the stress of a big move and even help increase the value of your current home. Good thing we’re here to lend a hand and enlighten you with 4 ways storage could help your move. Check them out.

Staging Your Home to Sell

Selling your current home is usually one of the biggest first steps to making a move. How can you help speed up the process? By showing potential buyers the best possible version of your home! That means staging. Removing the extra clutter of toys, holiday decorations, books, movies, even accent furniture, will help you present your home as more desirable to buyers, allowing them to better picture their own family living there instead of getting distracted by everything you left lying around. Believe it or not, even too many family pictures or bold decor and art can really detract from their vision for the future in your home, so less can really be more.

Even better, placing excess items into storage will also help open up your space and make your home feel larger which helps add value overall.

Keeping Your Items Safe

By picking a reputable relocation company with reliable storage solutions, you can feel confident that your items are being cared for and not getting lost or damaged during your move. With less to move from your current home to your new home, you can better organize your moving process. With some of your less essential items in storage as you relocate, it helps break up the workload, which makes keeping track of everything easier and getting it all from point A to point B much more manageable.

Our residential movers will work with you to determine what and when you would like various items to be placed and storage and move them to you new home when you’re ready for it.

Making Room for Cleaning/Decorating

Whether you’re cleaning and preparing your current home to sell or trying to get organized in your new home, storage can help you create a lot more space to do whatever is on your to-do list. Less furniture and decor in the way as you attempt a real thorough cleaning for potential buyers and showings will certainly make things easier. It can also help you notice things you may not have seen through the clutter, allowing you to reassess the condition of your home and determine if any repairs or replacements need to be made.

While on the other hand, no one wants to move into a cluttered home. It certainly takes away from that “fresh start” feeling. Sometimes, it can also be hard to picture what will go where and what will actually fit in a new home, so placing some non-essentials can help you see more clearly. Plus, with all non-necessities moved into a storage unit, it will allow you to better organize the things you do need and reevaluate those you really don’t.

Less Stress!

Not only will having the extra space be a big relief, but having the extra help certainly takes some weight off your shoulders as well! Moving can be overwhelming, but the less stuff you have on your to-do list, the smoother the process will go. Unlike self-storage where you’re responsible for figuring out transportation and managing your belongings, our storage solutions have a team of professionals will do it for you.

We’ll take those additional belongings off your hands and keep them safe until you’re ready to be reunited. And when you’re finally getting settled into your new home, our residential movers will transport your belongings from the storage unit, so you can let the real decorating fun begin. For more information on our relocation services and storage units, contact us to chat about how they could benefit you.


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