Why Fall is a Great Time to Move

local moversEach year, kids and adults alike are bummed to see summer come to an end. Pools are closing up, temperatures are dropping and the school year is back in full swing. But for anyone planning or even considering a residential or commercial move, you have plenty of reasons to be happy it’s fall! Here’s why fall is a great time to make your move.

  • Busy Season is Over
    Everyone knows summer is the busiest moving season of the year. In fact, up to 70% of moves each year happen during these months. June and July present the highest rates to relocate because so many families are hoping to avoid disturbances with the school year by waiting until it’s over. But even August and September can be really busy if you’re moving to or from anywhere near schools or universities. Residential movers tend to lower rates as much as 10% in the fall, saving you big bucks throughout the process.
  • More Flexibility

Waiting until after the busy summer season also offers a lot more flexibility for your moving plans. Finding a weekend in the end of June, July or August to book a mover is nearly impossible and if your work schedule limits your weekday options, you’re basically out of luck. While planning ahead is always the best route to go, you’ll have a much easier time booking movers and packers on shorter notice in the fall.

  • Fuel Prices are Lower
    With less cars on the road and fewer travel plans being made, gas prices are always lower in the fall verses the summer. This not only helps with fees for moving trucks, but also on your own transportation to and from your new home or office. And if you’re planning a long distance relocation, flights are cheaper amongst less travelers in the fall as well.
  • Weather is Ideal
    90 degree temperatures are not ideal for anyone involved in the moving process. It’s much easier on movers doing heavy lifting in and out of buildings in cooler weather, helping them work more quickly and efficiently. Mild temperatures are also kinder on your furniture and household items while stored in trucks as well. But unlike winter where frigid cold and ice cause even more problems for scheduling and transportation, fall is just right.
  • Better Market Rates
    Throughout most areas of the country, the housing market tends to slow from October into the winter months due to the approaching holidays. This offers a great opportunity to get more out of your new home investment. With less competition fighting for the current inventory, you can make a better offer on a new home and save money in the long run.

If you’re moving into an apartment, you can benefit as well, since summer is the most popular time to move, for both owners and renters alike. Landlords have more difficulty filling their vacancies once tenants move out in the fall, so you can take advantage of their willingness to negotiate.

  • Great Time to Meet People

Fall is all about festivals, pumpkin patches, football tailgates and more! People love getting outside to enjoy the changing leaves and comfortable temperatures. If you’re moving to a new town or state, there are endless ways to get out and meet new friends and neighbors in your area.

Whether you’re looking for experienced movers in Philadelphia to assist with your local or long distance move this fall, the best relocation services for all your needs are just a phone call away. Contact us to learn more about why it may be your perfect time to move and find out all the ways we can help you.


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