5 Tips to Prepare for a Fall Move

long distance moving companyWe recently told you all the reasons why fall is a great time to move, so as you prepare for the big transition, we wanted to help make it even easier on you. Sure, our team provides the best relocation services in the area for both local moving and long distance moves, but we also give great advice! So here are 5 helpful tips to prepare for a fall move, no matter where you’re headed.

  1. Remember the Holidays as You Pack
    The holidays will be here before you know it; and with a move on your to-do list this fall, they’ll sneak up even faster. But you can stay ahead of the game by making sure these decorations and special items are packed together and labeled properly. Just tell our movers where you want these specific boxes unloaded in your new home, so everything is where you need it to be. We can even help you assemble or hang any necessary decorations as part of our unloading process, so you can get settled and start feeling right at home faster. 
  2. Declutter from Summer
    Moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the swimwear, beach toys, outdoor furniture and other seasonal items that aren’t going to make it to next summer. Instead of putting all the effort into packing and transporting these belongings to your new home, devote some time to separating these items from your packing list and decide what to toss or donate.

And why stop there? With winter just around the corner, throw unwanted or outgrown cold-weather clothing and boots into these ‘ditch or donate’ piles as well. You’ll save time and money by lessening your load.

  1. Keep the Weather in Mind
    While fall offers some of the most ideal weather conditions of the entire year, you never know when Mother Nature will have an unseasonable change of plans. Keep an eye on the forecast when picking dates and times for transporting your belongings, booking movers and even scheduling contractors or utilities to make sure heat and other utilities are turned on before you arrive. Not only is snow and rain not ideal for moving day, but fall may look and feel a lot different in your old neighborhood than it does in your new one, depending on where your move takes you.

Our dedicated project managers will work with if any rescheduling or changes are necessary to accommodate the conditions, so you won’t have to worry.

  1. Learn about the New School District
    Moving isn’t always an easy transition on kids, especially with the school year already underway. Talk to them about any concerns they may be having and try to highlight the positives of the new area and moving in general. Take a trip to their new school ahead of time, so they can become familiar with the building and even meet some of the faculty.

We also recommend keeping a close eye on the school district’s website for updates, schedule changes and any other important news or information you should be aware of before and after the move. By staying on top of these communications, you can plan ahead to make the transition smoother for everyone.

  1. Clear Outdoor Pathways and Steps
    Whether you’re using a mover or not, make your move easier (and much safer) by cleaning off any leaves or puddles from pathways and steps. A quick sweep with a stiff broom or pieces of flat cardboard should do the trick for any muddy or slick spots between the moving truck and your doorway. These simple precautionary measures will help keep your family and your movers safe while carrying heavy or odd-shaped items in and out of your home.

If you’re starting to plan a move for the fall, let our residential movers help guide you throughout the process with a free consultation. We’ll discuss your move and provide tips for making it as seamless and hassle-free as possible, so you can start enjoying your new home before the season is over! Contact us today.


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