6 Apps that Make Moving Easier

A lot of people think moving is complicated and stressful, and they’re right. That is IF you don’t have one of the best local and long distance movers in Philadelphia managing the moving process for you. And once that’s taken care of, you can also access a whole network of online resources to make all the other tasks on your to-do list much easier too. So grab your phone and check out our top recommendations of moving apps for before, during and after your move.

Before the Move


If you’re big on checklists, you’ll love Sortly. This innovative moving checklist makes packing your entire existence a whole lot easier by allowing you to take inventory of all your belongings and organize them by destination. All you have to do is snap photos of each item with your phone and create a QR code label to assign them to specific boxes. These scannable labels save you time searching through boxes for the things you need right away by telling you exactly what’s in each box without even opening it. Sortly is also great if you’re putting items in storage, so you can easily keep track of what’s in your storage container!


For all those items that just don’t have a place in your new home, there’s Letgo. They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but now you can ditch the yard sale. This app is like a newspaper classified section gone digital, allowing you to take pictures of your belongings and list them for sale. Local users can see what you have and contact you if they’re interested. You’ll make a little extra cash during your move while saving yourself the extra cost of transporting things you don’t need with you. 

During the Move

Moving Checklist Pro

Another great app for you checklist lovers out there; this one for during the moving process. Moving Checklist Pro makes sure you don’t forget any important tasks on your to-do list through helpful categorizing and details. The app organizes common tasks such as transferring your utilities or buying packing materials into pre-written checklists. These lists are broken down even further by their completion dates, while you customize the details to your specific plans. With so many things on your mind during a move, Moving Pro Checklist will help you make sure all your tasks get checked off when you need them to.


It’s hard to picture your new home fully decorated and furnished when there are boxes filling every room. With MagicPlan, you can start virtually planning your new layout and where everything will go long before move-in day. You can create customized floor plans simply by walking through and taking photos of each room. The app then works its magic with augmented reality to analyzing all the dimensions and create a replica floorplan of the house to use as your canvas. You’re free to play with different furniture and decor to decide what looks best where and what pieces will and won’t fit before you move them all into the space.

After the Move


For first-time homebuyers, downsizers and move-up buyers alike, BrightNest offers helpful tips and information as you get settled in your new home. From fun DIY renovation projects, money-saving tips and valuable homeowner hacks, this app has it all. Set personal objectives for your home and pinpoint specific interests and let BrightNest collect information unique to your new home goals.


When it comes to meeting the neighbors, there’s an app for that. Designed for people new to their area, NextDoor is the top choice of app users to make new friends, as well as learn about local services and news within a network of real people in the area. You’ll receive helpful alerts about crime and other notable events in your area, so you’re always in the know.

Moving doesn’t have to be a pain, as long as you have a little help. Once your apps are all downloaded, make sure you’ve got one of the best local and long distance relocation companies in the area doing the the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today to see how hassle-free moving can be!


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