5 Things You Didn’t Know Professional Movers Can Help With

5 Things You Didn’t Know Professional Movers Can Help With

A traditional moving situation revolves around the family packing the entire house in boxes. Then, the movers load the boxes and furniture onto the truck, navigate traffic to reach the new location, and unload the moving truck. The family then unloads the boxes and stocks the home. Few people know moving companies can do more than transfer items across town. There are five things movers can do besides transfer boxes and furniture.

Pack and Unpack

The best moving company in Montgomery County, PA offers packing and unpacking options for customers. If you choose this option, the movers will come equipped with boxes, paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, padding materials, packing peanuts, mattress bags, moving blankets, and labels, avoiding several trips to the store. The movers know how to pack items swiftly, which is better than doing it yourself. The packing includes fragile and valuable items.

Furniture Construction

We know partial assembly, full assembly, partial disassembly, and full disassembly in furniture construction. It makes transporting furniture such as beds, tables, and dressers easier. Those people usually carry a few tools such as wrenches, hammers, and screwdrivers. They also keep up with small assembly parts like nails, nuts, bolts, and stickpins.

Furniture Rearrangement

Moving heavy furniture around the house as a family is strenuous. Why don’t you rely on furniture movers in Allentown PA to rearrange furniture for you? The movers will move couches, beds, tables, chairs, dressers, and bookshelves to the right spot without damaging floors, walls, or stairs, leaving you with one less thing to stress over. All you have to do is tell the movers where to go.

Storage Facility Solutions

There may be more belongings than the home can hold. Until you can find a space for everything, place excess furniture and boxes in a storage facility. It gives you time to sort out the area within the home while providing surplus items a place to stay. You receive an individual storage unit that secures your belongings and shields them from weather elements. You can access the storage unit and add or remove items whenever you wish.

Cleanup after Unpacking

Someone’s gotta clean up the packing products and boxes after transferring the contents from the box to its new storage space, and a moving company can do that for you too. The interstate movers in PA have connections to cleaning professionals who specialize in cleaning up moving contents after unpacking. These people will remove and dispose of those unwanted items, giving families another convenient thing to not stress over.

These items describe what a full-service moving company does, and there are plenty of companies that provide such service. At Louderback Moving Services, we understand no two moves are alike, so we offer professional packing/unpacking services. We even create crates for pricey items like artwork and chandeliers. Also, Louderback offers short-term and long-term storage facility vaults should your home not provide enough room for your belongings. While you’re here, use Louderback Movers for local, long-distance, and international moving services


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