5 Ways To Pack Your Room Before Moving

5 Ways To Pack Your Room Before Moving

5 Ways To Pack Your Room Before Moving

There are always easier methods to pack and unpack more efficiently despite the laborious process. Our article listed our top five packing and moving hacks to make the process much easier than previously thought.

1. Purchase some moving tools

When planning to move, it is common to get boxes for packing. However, some essential tools that help people move tend to be forgotten until the last minute. Packing paper is commonly used in wrapping fragile items is a good example. You can apply some quilt pads to cover items such as mirrors or even your TV. While shopping for what you might need when moving, wrapping tape and a marking pen should be at the top of your list. You can also highly save on the space used by applying a vacuum seal. Remember to suck out all the air in your clothing bags, then press them to minimize the space used.

2. Start by sorting your belongings

Sorting should always be the first step when planning to move out. The measure helps you avoid packing things you do not need anymore or have never used before. By doing this, you will save time when packing or unpacking. You will also reduce the cost as moving companies tend to charge a higher fee depending on the volume of your house equipment.

3. Living area

Thoroughly packing the sitting room is another challenging task, thanks to the various items of different shapes and sizes. The family room is always used to the last minute as the packing company staff pass through it while getting your things out of the house.

Due to this, the living room is the last that gets packed. With such planning, you will end up breaking and losing some of your most precious house items. It is always advisable to properly pack your living area in advance to minimize losses.

4. Lamps

House lamps may seem easy to move; however, they are among the most fragile house items. To avoid and minimize breakages of your precious lamps, specific steps, and precautions, such as adequately wrapping them up, need to be followed.

5. Prepare the kitchen before moving

The kitchen is yet another complex room to pack when moving out. The kitchen is filled with large and small items, and some come in awkward shapes that can become stressful during packing. It is advisable to sort out all your kitchen equipment to avoid such. You can do this by packing and labeling what you will need immediately after moving in an essentials box while the rest get packed in other packages.


As seen from the above article, we agree that moving out to a new place is no walk in the park. It would be best to do your due diligence research on all Norristown, PA moving companies before making a final decision. At Louderback Moving, we are always ready to help anyone planning to move as we are one of the best moving companies in Lansdale.


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