Hiccups To Expect During Any Move

Hiccups To Expect During Any Move

Hiccups To Expect During Any Move

Moving is a complex process, which means you are bound to have a few hiccups. However, being prepared for them ahead of time can help you manage or even prevent them.

Not Enough Time

Even if you start planning your move months in advance, you’ll find that you have a lot to do and not enough time as you approach moving day. The good news is that a moving company can do the packing for you. This makes the process much easier and gives you plenty of time to handle other aspects, like transferring your utilities.

New Home Isn’t as Ready as You Would Like

Your new home may be “move-in ready”, but that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. You may encounter last-minute issues like a leaky faucet, or utilities that aren’t on yet when you arrive at your new place.

Items Won’t Fit Through the Doorway

Unless you are lucky enough to have homes with very large doors, you may run into this problem during your move. Doorways are meant to accommodate people, so larger furniture items won’t always fit. It’s a great idea to be aware of this beforehand. If you have items that are very large or bulky, you can measure the items and the doorways ahead of time.

You, or your movers, may need to use a different door into the home or disassemble items before moving.

Bad Weather

While bad weather can be inconvenient, a professional moving company with covered or enclosed trucks will ensure that your items don’t get wet or damaged.

Traffic Jams

If moving boxes bring rain clouds, then fully loaded moving vehicles must bring extra traffic. Traffic jams are so common when moving that it’s a good idea to assume you will encounter one.

If you are moving by yourself and making multiple trips, this can really delay the moving process. If you have a professional mover, you may still get stuck in traffic, but you won’t need to make multiple trips back and forth.

Lost or Damaged Items

It seems inevitable. Every time you move, some things disappear, and others are broken by the time you unpack. You may see this is part of the moving process. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Professional movers are skilled at packing and moving your items. They can keep everything organized to prevent things from getting lost or broken along the way.

You Can’t Find Your Essentials Once You Reach Your New Home

You have all your items moved to your new location. You don’t want to unpack everything at once. You only want the items you really need for the next day or two.

If you organize correctly when you are packing, you will know which boxes need to be unpacked immediately, and which boxes can wait a few days.

Making Your Move Easier with Louderback Moving

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