How To Effectively Pack Bulky Furniture

How To Effectively Pack Bulky Furniture

How To Effectively Pack Bulky Furniture

Packing up dishes and clothing tends to be fairly simple since you can find specialty boxes that contain the perfect compartments for keeping everything safe during your move. Yet, many people run into some challenges once they start looking at packing up their furniture. From desks to couches and beds, you can use these tips to effectively pack the bulkiest items in your home.

Decide What to Disassemble

Some furniture is easier to move when you take it apart. Removing big legs or other parts of the furniture can help it fit through doors. You might also opt to remove delicate drawer knobs, glass doors, and other features that need to be packed carefully and separately from the heavier parts of the furniture. Taking pictures as you work can help you reassemble the items once they arrive at your destination.

Empty and Secure Any Drawers

Some movers will suggest leaving light clothing in the drawers to simplify the move. If you choose this option, then you’ll want to make sure that the drawers are tightly secured. However, it is typically best to remove all of the items from drawers or cabinets to make the piece lighter, which lowers the risk of it being dropped. Once you’ve emptied out all of the spaces, you’ll then secure the doors to keep them from coming open during the move.

Add Padding to Prevent Scratches

The primary goal when you are packing furniture is to prevent scratches or rips in the fabric. Local movers in Montgomery, PA are careful not to rub couches and chairs against walls or other potentially hazardous items. But, you’ll still want to add padding as an additional precaution. Moving blankets work great for padding furniture that is easily damaged. These can be wrapped around furniture and secured with packing tape without placing the adhesive on the delicate wood or fabric.

Use Shrink Wrap for Added Protection

Shrink wrap helps to keep padding in place, and it adds an extra layer of protection against water damage. Professional movers can shrink wrap just about any item that you need to carefully transport, which helps to provide additional cushioning in case your belongings get jostled on the road. You’ll also love how pristine your furniture is once you remove the shrink wrap since it helps to keep water, dirt, and dust from contaminating the surfaces even if you have to move on a rainy day.

Consider Using a Custom Crate

Some items need a white glove touch, which is when you’ll want to discuss using a crate with your moving crew. Chester County movers can build custom crates that protect delicate or valuable items, such as hand-carved chairs and tables that are more vulnerable to damage and too large or uniquely shaped to fit in a traditional box. Once the crate is created, the moving crew can still use padding and other techniques to secure the item inside for the ultimate level of protection against damage.

Let Our Team Do the Packing

Do you have bulky furniture that poses some serious challenges for packing during your move? Our team is experienced with packing all kinds of unique items for transport along with traditional furniture pieces such as couches and chairs. Reach out to us today to start talking about how to care for your furniture during your move.


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