The Importance Of Purging Before A Move

The Importance Of Purging Before A Move

The Importance Of Purging Before A Move

Moving involves hiring movers, packing, unpacking, setting up utilities, and turning a new house into a home. Packing to move is overwhelming enough without having too much stuff to sort through. That’s why purging before a move is very important.

What Is Purging?

Purging includes more than simply tossing everything out at random. Purging means purification or cleansing. Instead of thinking of it as throwing things away, realize that you are ridding your life of physical clutter. Go through all your items and determine which ones:

  • No longer serve a purpose
  • No longer fit your style
  • Are worn out and need to be discarded.

A Fresh Start

A move to a new home represents a fresh start. Don’t weigh yourself down with items you no longer want or like. The fewer things you choose to pack, the easier it will be to unpack and set up a new clutter-free home. Every item you bring serves a purpose when you first purge before the move and packing begin.

Save Money

The more items you have to box up and move, the more it will cost to pay movers. Moving companies in Doylestown usually charge hourly. So, if you declutter before you pack for moving, you save on moving expenses.

Streamline The Packing Process 

The more you purge, the less you have to pack to move with you. The less you have makes the packing process a lot faster and smoother.


Purging unnecessary belongings before you move helps you stay organized throughout the process. When it comes time to unpack and set up a new house, you will find things are more organized and easier to know where to put them in your new home without feeling as though you’re already cluttering a brand-new space.

Save On Storage Costs

Decluttering things you don’t need before you move saves on storage costs. When you only move the items you need, you won’t need extra storage.

Let Us Help

Purging before a move is a wise decision that will make your move more efficient, more affordable, and less stressful. Let us help you with your next move. As your reliable Philadelphia cross-country movers, Louderback is ready to help! 


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