Packing like a Pro: Expert Advice from Professional Movers

Packing like a Pro: Expert Advice from Professional Movers

Packing like a Pro: Expert Advice from Professional Movers

Moving requires careful coordination and care in packing personal items to prevent damage or loss. If you’re planning on moving anytime soon, consider these helpful tips to help you process management and to help reduce the risk of damage to your items. Please keep reading to learn more about these tips and how our Norristown, PA movers can make your move less stressful and more streamlined.

Keep Things Organized

When you’re in the middle of the move and packing your items, it’s easy to become disorganized. The best way to stay organized is to work on one section of your home at a time. Slowly pack things in an organized fashion and neatly stack your boxes and personal belongings on one side of the room while working on unpacked items on the other side.

Leave as much space as possible to access both areas and not trip over your belongings. You’ll also want to have a good organization system in place when you load items into the moving truck. The moving truck can get disorganized quickly; if items aren’t packed properly, they can shift and move and then fall.

Use The Right Packaging Materials

Choosing the appropriate packing materials is very important. Using random materials or the wrong types of materials can lead to damaging items or leaving them unprotected. For example, if you have antique wood furniture, you’ll need to provide a secure protection layer to prevent scratches and dents.

If you have glass items, providing a layer of wrapping paper for the outside and using cushioning material to prevent glass from banging together in transit is important. Be sure you also have the right size boxes for the job.

Get Help

When you try to pack and move your items alone, you put yourself and your belongings at risk. Even if you only lift moderately heavy boxes or furniture, you can hurt your body by overexerting or repeatedly lifting items up and down. Many of us tend to tackle more than we can reasonably handle alone, leading to delays due to injury or damage to items we want to keep.

The best way to prevent those problems is to get help. Try to find able-bodied people who can lift heavy items and take some of the burden off of moving your belongings. If you can’t find friends or family to help, reach out to Louderback Moving Services, one of the top moving companies in Lehigh Valley, PA.


Moving can be a real challenge if you’re unprepared. Be sure you have a plan in place before you get started to make the process go smoothly. Have an organization plan figured out, get the right packing materials in advance, and ensure you get help from others. If you don’t feel like managing those tasks, you can always turn to a professional mover to take the hassle out of moving.

Our team will help you pack your items, put them safely and securely in the truck, and make the delivery to your new home. It’s the best way to protect your safety and prevent damage to your items. Reach out to Louderback Moving Services for more details or an estimate of services or to get answers to questions. We work hard so that you don’t need to when it comes to moving.


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