Protecting Your Belongings: Valuation For Household Goods

Protecting Your Belongings: Valuation For Household Goods

Protecting Your Belongings: Valuation For Household Goods

Whether you’re relocating to the next town, county, or state, moving is a challenge, and ensuring the safety of your belongings is of paramount importance. One way to safeguard your possessions is by understanding valuation options offered by your local moving companies in Lehigh Valley, PA

What is Valuation? 

Unlike insurance, valuation is the amount of liability the moving company assumes for your belongings in case of loss or damage. It’s crucial to understand that it is not the same as insurance, but rather a contractual agreement outlining the extent of the moving company’s responsibility. There are different types of valuation, which is important to understand for peace of mind during your move. 

Release Value Protection 

This is the first, most basic, and often the default coverage provided by movers in Reading, PA. Under this option, the moving company agrees to pay a certain amount per pound (usually a few cents) for damaged or lost items. While this option is economical, it’s important to recognize that it offers the most minimal coverage and may not compensate for the total value of your items. 

Full Value Protection (Full Replacement Value)

This is a more comprehensive level of coverage. Under full value protection, the moving company is responsible for the replacement or repair of any damaged or lost items, or they can choose to compensate you with the current market value of the item at the time of the loss. While this provides far better coverage, it’s important to thoroughly discuss the terms and conditions with your moving company. 

Determining the Right Valuation Coverage

When considering your options, take into account the value and condition of your belongings. Make an inventory of all the items you plan to move and assign a value to each, keeping in mind sentimental value, replacement cost, and current market value. Additionally, be sure to communicate openly with your moving company about your valuation choices in order to make the most informed decision based on your needs and budget. 

Other Ways To Protect Your Belongings 

In addition to securing valuation coverage, there are additional steps you can take to ensure your belongings are transported safely.

  1. Proper Packing: Take the time and effort to pack your items securely with appropriate packing materials and techniques. 
  2. Labeling & Organizing: Clearly indicate on your boxes the contents of each and the room they belong to. 
  3. Fragile Items: Identify and separately pack fragile items, or consider moving them yourself if they hold immense value. 
  4. Keep Inventory: Document your belongings before the move to keep track of any loss or damage. 

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